New One plus power bank not charging

  1. F_Jithin_Vettickal_vzTi
    Cupcake Jan 16, 2021

    F_Jithin_Vettickal_vzTi , Jan 16, 2021 :
    I was a big fan of one plus. I recently bought a new one plus power bank and i charged power bank using my 7t charger to full before using and i charged my one plus 7t once and after that my brand new power bank is not working at all
    it is nor charging itself neither it is charging my device.
    so i applied for a RMA and recorded a video of it not charging
    but I couldn't upload the file so i took a photo and uploaded on RMA
    there was no reply after 2,3 days the RMA got rejected
    Then I filed again RMA after the first one got rejected. again after 2,3 days the second RMA was rejected
    When i tried to do it again they said i am out of time please

    I think now i should have ordered it through amazon instead of one plus store. I had very high expectations on one plus products and i used encourage others to buy one plus products without doubt but now i am not sure.

    Now i am going to get the power bank repaired from its service center using its one year warranty i hope they repair it and give back this year itself.
    because now i understand that one plus is just a brand like any other smart phone