New TPU case review (not diztronic)

  1. kbzj
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    kbzj , Sep 12, 2014 :
    Just received my new TPU case, and figured I'd share my thoughts.

    When I first saw the official hard cases from OnePlus I was enamoured with the colours. But shortly after I found many complaints about them. I like hard cases because they are usually slim, but for me a TPU case offers a little better protection.

    So, the mission, to find a TPU case in a cool colour like the OnePlus hard cases. Mission failed.

    But I did find something surprising, arguably better. TPU cases with prints. So not the plain colours ala diztronic and others, but something interesting. Ali express had a load of different designs, and I settled on one depicting headphones. The case itself is transparent with the image applied only to the back. This means the edges are still clear.


    The image might appear a little fuzzy in the distance, but rest assured, the print is clear all the way. The print is textured, and the image and text is slightly raised. One thing I particularly like about this case is that the buttons have cut-outs, rather than being covered over as I have previously experienced. This means that I can feel the buttons themselves and feel when I have pressed them.

    The fit is nice, and it all lines up nicely, although the microphone hole next to the camera is only just within the cut-out. It shouldn't affect performance though.


    The front lip is slightly raised, so a bit of a screen buffer there. The lip doesn't cover too much of the face though so that is a good thing. I can't comment on compatibility with tempered glass screen protectors as mine has yet to arrive, but it looks like it should be fine (this from someone who has never used one before).

    Shipping time was the standard for china (2 weeks, 6 days), and cost was pretty standard too (~US$6 or $7).

    The case has had a marginal impact on pocketability. I would expect any case to have at least some impact due to added thickness or grip, but in this case it is acceptable.

    So overall I am very happy with this case. I have yet to find better for my needs.

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    kbzj , Sep 12, 2014 :
    Cheers! I was looking for something a bit interesting..

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    kbzj , Sep 12, 2014 :
    Cheers guys. Hope this review helps somebody

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    imranss , Sep 12, 2014 :
    Nice...love the shade.
    Cant wait to get my hands on this...still looking for an invite :(

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    If you swap in Ali express without spaces I think the link should work. If it doesn't I can pm it to you

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    kbzj , Sep 19, 2014 :
    As a follow up, I've installed the tempered glass screen protector and they fit together just fine.

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    Nice one

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