new update for op5

  1. G_Pankaj_Phatak_ukSB
    Cupcake Oct 7, 2017

    G_Pankaj_Phatak_ukSB , Oct 7, 2017 :
    Read an article on Android Authority that there is a new update coming for OnePlus 5. Can someone confirm when will it be rolled out in India?

  2. Budruel
    KitKat Oct 7, 2017

  3. naveenkrb
    Cupcake Oct 7, 2017

    naveenkrb , Oct 7, 2017 :
    have noticed that it usually takes approximately 3 days for the updates to be available in India. guess its okay to be patient for it to get to the respective countries especially when there have been cases in the past where an update had to be withdrawn because of issues.
    unless one is facing teething issues which the update hopes to fix, its worth waiting for it to be available in due course

  4. laupuy
    Honeycomb Oct 7, 2017