newly updated gaming mode is not convenient.

  1. D1545721458302
    Cupcake Aug 21, 2019

    D1545721458302 , Aug 21, 2019 :
    newly updated finatic mode in gaming mode is not good. I can't understand the reason behind turning off the network of second sim for better enhancement. we are missing our important calls from second sim please fix it.

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  2. pablofg1978
    Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 21, 2019

    pablofg1978 , Aug 21, 2019 :
    This is a community forum, not support. There is no oneplus team here.
    Use the feedback page to submit your request directly to OnePlus

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  3. B_Wrath
    Marshmallow Aug 21, 2019

    B_Wrath , Aug 21, 2019 :
    So don't use fnatic mode. Who forced you?

  4. Bilalazeem54
    Gingerbread Aug 21, 2019

    Bilalazeem54 , Aug 21, 2019 :
    fnatic mode is meant to disable all the unwanted things from the game you play game (DnD 100%). if you want a bit of boost and not much DnD then use gaming mode.

  5. ngydat
    KitKat Aug 21, 2019

    ngydat , Aug 21, 2019 :
    An available feature doesn't necessarily mean that you have to use it. It may not suit your needs but it certainly suits someone else's needs.

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  6. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Aug 21, 2019

    LegolasX , Aug 21, 2019 :
    for a device which has single modem turning off second sim to boost primary sim is a good idea.
    if you don't like the idea then don't use the feature, there is always normal gaming mode.

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  7. D1545721458302
    Cupcake Aug 27, 2019

    D1545721458302 , Aug 27, 2019 :
    okay thank you for your reply. I just get to know that there is always normal gaming mode.