Nexus 4 (2012) vs iPhone 6 (2014)

  1. webpig
    Froyo Sep 10, 2014

    webpig , Sep 10, 2014 :
    Very Funny but so true.
    Apple fans must be so dim to keep paying so much for a cheap product.
    No wonder Apple make such obseen profits.

  2. btuck812
    Cupcake Sep 10, 2014

    btuck812 , Sep 10, 2014 :
    Come on, guys. There is nothing wrong with Apple products, they're well optimised, they keep all their specs at levels just high enough to make sure they don't lag, and they work well. Yes they don't have customisation and you have to buy all your apps and have to upgrade fairly soon, but for the price it costs them to make it the phone is great. What is not great is the fact the profiteering scum that are the Apple marketing team cheat people into paying £800 for it, when they could make a healthy profit undercutting all the Android competition. That's my problem with them.

  3. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Sep 10, 2014

  4. btuck812
    Cupcake Sep 10, 2014

    btuck812 , Sep 10, 2014 :
    The verge hate Samsung though, they have a hard on for well designed phones

  5. devon28
    Jelly Bean Sep 11, 2014

    devon28 , Sep 11, 2014 :
    Usually, I set and forget the settings, but with android, I have to open every single app which is a tad bit annoying.

  6. bumwau
    Cupcake Sep 11, 2014

    Nougat Assistant Head Moderator Sep 11, 2014

  8. cuxbluxmuxclux
    Gingerbread Sep 14, 2014

    cuxbluxmuxclux , Sep 14, 2014 :
    GEEZ! PLEASE don't talk about iOS "OPTIMIZATION". your so called "Apple iOS "Software optimized for Hardware" is total BS.
    iOS literally has barely anything. You run apps. You have a home screen. And some other stuff.
    Its literally nothing compared to Android.
    Android runs SO MUCH MORE.

    I laugh in the face of Apple's "iOS optimization"