NFC Features We gonna miss on OPT!! By: Marques Brownlee.

  1. ppod Jelly Bean Aug 21, 2015

    ppod, Aug 21, 2015 :
    Can you tell me why they got rid of it please.

  2. ppod Jelly Bean Aug 21, 2015

    ppod, Aug 21, 2015 :
    I got a engineer friend who works in the electronic provisioning industry to look into the cost, the hardware costs are less than $2 per 10k units, and the manufacturing costs (chip/antenna) work out negligible once the initial tooling costs are paid for.

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  3. Skf123 Marshmallow Aug 21, 2015

    Skf123, Aug 21, 2015 :
    Thanks for the info, i did think it would end up costing less than $5 but that was the price quoted by OnePlus staff so it can't be disputed by some fanboys.

    I guess $5 must be the maximum.

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  4. reviewer.pro Gingerbread Aug 21, 2015

    reviewer.pro, Aug 21, 2015 :
    Dont ya think it would make it more insecure ?

    I think its marketing strategy . If NFC based payments does catch up , that'll force people to upgrade their phones . If not nothing changes .
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  5. john3293 Jelly Bean Aug 21, 2015

    john3293, Aug 21, 2015 :
    Any thread to show the use of NFC.. Please somebody share a link..
    I have no idea about this.

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  6. goeltner123 Cupcake Aug 21, 2015

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  7. oneplusonedollarbillyall KitKat Aug 21, 2015

    oneplusonedollarbillyall, Aug 21, 2015 :
    that doesn't mean it can't be used in the near future.

    For years people scoffed at apple for not including NFC. Then Apple pay comes along and they implement it. Android Pay is coming. NFC should not have been left off.

    I don't G.A.D. about oneplus's crystal ball that tells them the future. Apparently Motorola (no fingerprint scanner) and Oneplus are not on the same page as Google.

    Every high end android phone that came out and will come out since early june (Google IO) should have NFC and come with a fingerprint scanner.

    There is no excuse not to have either.

    I'm looking forward to nexus announcement.

  8. ridingonfumes Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2015

    ridingonfumes, Aug 21, 2015 :

    It doesn't mean it can't but it does mean that it more than likely won't.
    Even on Apple witb apple it's a rarely used feature
    I say within two years no phones will bother putting it in and the same with fingerprint sensors they will realize that people don't like them cuz they're a pain in the a$$

  9. AJRMarine Gingerbread Aug 21, 2015

    AJRMarine, Aug 21, 2015 :

  10. 3's&7's Gingerbread Aug 21, 2015

    3's&7's, Aug 21, 2015 :
    Agreed, the last year I've suffered from early adopted remorse. It takes time for devs to get custom ROMs in play (aosp/oxy/cm/etc), getting unchecked hardware/os in order, and of course waiting for change stinks.

    I just picked up an One again after selling my previous model and used a biz phone for a bit. It has a build date of 06.21.15 and out of the many defective and then finally a solid One's I've owned; this unit beats all of them. Best hardware build I've experienced from OP.

    I'm not sure I'd do much with a Two myself as an owner until custom ROMs were in play.

  11. obakesan Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2015

    obakesan, Aug 21, 2015 :
    Here's another use, from Dimple. http://dimple.io/ basically NFC buttons you can stick onto your phone or tablet and use them to control actions. I've got a pair stuck to my OPO flip cover, use it to turn on the flashlight, etc. works as it says on the tin

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  12. reviewer.pro Gingerbread Aug 21, 2015

    reviewer.pro, Aug 21, 2015 :
    Cool ..Bit pricey though . I wonder if its 4 NFC stickers or they have found a smart way to modulate NFC signal with one strip of NFC ..

    Interesting stats "Based on our approximations there are currently around 800 devices with which the DIMPLE will work. " i.e. android,windows and blackberry phones and tablets with NFC . Pretty large number ..

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  13. oneplusonedollarbillyall KitKat Aug 21, 2015

    oneplusonedollarbillyall, Aug 21, 2015 :
    I predict that you will be completely wrong

  14. obakesan Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2015

    obakesan, Aug 21, 2015 :
    I backed it on Indiegogo so was cheaper at the time :) not sure if 4 separate or one clever.

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  15. TakeMyMoney KitKat Aug 21, 2015

    TakeMyMoney, Aug 21, 2015 :
    I don't use NFC much because I use Tasker but the main issue is that OnePlus decided for us that we don't need it, while NFC is about to a lot more popular in the very short term.

    If they would have left it out of the One using the argument we don't need it yet, but would have put it back in the Two; that would have made sense to me. But dropping NFC right at the moment it is starting to integrated in society, is just beeeep to me.

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  16. ridingonfumes Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2015

    ridingonfumes, Aug 21, 2015 :
    They have come out with NFC that has much for the range however none of the cell phone companies will implement it because it cost a few dollars more and 90% of their customers never use it

    You're not missing much most people don't know about it and even when they do they rarely use it unless you're some kind of weird hipster who has to go to Starbucks 15 times a day and thinks they will "look cooler"by swiping their phone instead a credit card

    OH WOW......... WAIT you can already do that on the front of the phone with the touch screen buttons or the gestures..... so yeah that's a little bit unnecessary to say the least yeah that's a a little bit unnecessary to say least

    We could both predict the sky would fall tomorrow predictions are easy
    HOWEVER HISTORY tells a different story, as stated before NFC has been around for many years and has never taken off, people have been making the claim that it's " going to really take off this year". For quite some time now and it never does because truly there is no real use for it interesting enough to make the general public learn how to use it ,want to use it, or even trust it

    But if it makes ya all feel better OnePlus 2 does have sort of NFC and by that I don't mean that they have a Near Field Communicator.....
    What I mean by NFC is \/
    Nobody Fukn Cares
    At least nobody who's buying one does and with two million people signing up for the invite system that's a lot of people happy with the phone just the way it is

    If you guys want to cry about something cry about the lack SD that's something that most people actually want
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  17. obakesan Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2015

    obakesan, Aug 21, 2015 :

    who swipes their credit card. I either use chip pin or even NFC yes my plastic card has it, oneplus two don't.

    yes, but I find having the physical button nice but not beccesary. say need flashlight instead fumbling to slide tap this that just tap physical button. done. You might well say same thing about the alert slider on oneplus two. You can tap the menus etc but its easier and convenient to use the switch.

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  18. ridingonfumes Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2015

    ridingonfumes, Aug 21, 2015 :
    A physical button for the flashlight would be nice, I bet they could figure out a way to set the notification toggle button to do that instead but I'll be using the notification toggle a lot I'm sick of notifications coming through on my videos with my oneplus one

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  19. yaltis Jelly Bean Aug 21, 2015

  20. NaterTots Jelly Bean Aug 21, 2015

    NaterTots, Aug 21, 2015 :

    So, going with your reasoning, I see people every day driving cars that I know come standard with Bluetooth and yet they continue to hold their phone to their ears.
    Maybe Oneplus should dump that too since not everyone uses it?

    My printer has NFC in it now to send things to it to print.
    The reason Apple added fingerprint to their latest phone was to increase security with the NFC chip they put in it.
    That's the biggest reason most manufacturers use the fingerprint reader. To go along with NFC. Oneplus have use NFC in the Opo and then replaced it with a fingerprint reader.

    Just because you and a bunch of others don't know the benefits if NFC didn't mean it should be taken out.
    I'll show my feelings by not buying a Op2.

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