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    I really do appreciate the update that we got today the fingerprint reader is a lot better I just wish that the camera was improved. I have to be completely honest with you I love this phone it's fast it's smooth it's great my only beef with it is the camera it just falls short it is the saturation in photos and the over sharpening I have a problem with..I have an iPhone XR and I have pictures that I've taken with both phones in the same exact environment and it just fall short the blacks are too saturated the shadows are too saturated and the skin tone does not look natural I wish in this update that there was a fix for it because in my opinion I do believe it's software-based a lot of times when I take the picture I have to hit edit go to the shadows and bring it all the way down before it looks halfway decent I have pictures to prove it and compare it if anyone is interested. OnePlus please address this issue..this is not to say that the phone does not take good pictures it just depends on the environment but I have to say in that same environment my iPhone XR blows the OnePlus 6 T out of the water when it comes to pictures... I want this phone to be my daily driver so badly but I just can't do it everything works on the phone perfect but then when it comes to taking pictures it's a complete let down

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