NIGHT camera mode

  1. K1529331426820 Cupcake Jan 12, 2019

    K1529331426820, Jan 12, 2019 :
    I got the new update for my ONEPLUS 6....in dark...when I'm capturing the photos in NIGHT mode...it's working flawlessly well.... BUT....when I'm taking the same picture but in NORMAL CAMERA mode...it's working like night mode only...
    The first one is with NIGHT mode

    The second one is with NORMAL PHOTO mode

    Both are the same...
    Please help

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  2. Bouncer71 KitKat Jan 12, 2019

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  3. Roger.T Jelly Bean Jan 12, 2019

    Roger.T, Jan 12, 2019 :
    Maybe my old eyes are sick, but the upper picture is much brighter or not?
    Try it in a darker environment. Then the difference is clearer..
    And then there is an option in the camera settings to enable or disable automatic night detection.
    Look what's set there [e]1f609[/e]

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  4. K1529331426820 Cupcake Jan 13, 2019

    K1529331426820, Jan 13, 2019 :

    The auto night scene detection is off....
    Also...this shot ..it was COMPLETELY dark outside... in the above photos...one is in night mode and the other is in normal mode...
    In the camera app only... there will be a miniature version of the most recent photo that we have taken ryt?...So...as soon as I took the photo in the normal mode...the miniature version looked dark just the way it was actually in reality...but then...when I clicked on it to see ...the photo suddenly changed as if it was shot in the night mode!
    What's up with that?[e]1f602[/e]