Nillkin Frosted Shield (White) Review

  1. garvine
    Honeycomb Aug 7, 2014

    garvine , Aug 7, 2014 :
    There are a few reviews of the Nillkin Frosted on this forum, just thought I'd add mine into the mix. Before I bought mine, I hadn't read any of the online feedback. Mostly bought it on a whim due to the texture of it in the photos I had seen online. So I was a bit wary of my impending delivery, enough to go out and buy the Diztronic as well. Most of the online feedback for this case (in particular the white variant) were that it got dirty really easily and that it doesn't protect the top and bottom and that it is slippery. So mostly cons, with very few positives. So I thought I'd make this review to highlight some of the pros for me:

    Hand feel
    - sure it is more slippery to the touch than the sandstone back. However, hand on my heart if I was to choose between the feel of this case and the sandstone back I would choose this case in a heartbeat. I might be in the minority though. To be honest I would have bought the 16GB OPO due to the silk white back as well, if it had 64GB storage. Personally I love the texture of the case. Whilst not rough to the touch, it adds enough to make you hand feel important. It doesn't feel like cheap plastic. Arguably the best plastic I have felt in my life. Just feels premium to me.

    Engineering - I'm not sure the photos do it justice. This case is cut to perfection. There are no rough edges. All corners are round and smooth. It is shaped around the phone beautifully, and the case dips where it needs to, to allow access to your ports. There is ample room in the openings to access the buttons on the side as if it were naked. Although the case is a few mm thick, it doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone. Not quite sure if you can claim this is a slim case, but it sure does feel like it. Just how well made/cut this case is, is quite evident in the back where it meld with the camera exceptionally.

    Value - I think this case offers exceptional value USD$11 delivered to Australia. Sure you can probably buy 2-3 cheap eBay cases for the price of this one, but I don't think they will look and feel as nice as this. Although I've only had this case for one day, I don't imagine this cracking like the official ones from the OPO store. Also for the purchase price, it also comes with a screen protector. I don't know what the quality of this is. As I have already fitted a tempered glass protector previously, and have no intentions of using this supplied protector. But if you haven't already got one. I'm sure it will come in handy.

    Conclusion - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this case if you are looking for a stylish case which doesn't add a lot of bulk. It may not offer the same protection as a TPU or Silicone case, but it offers more protection than having a naked phone. If you are looking for a slim case that has a lot of protection, you may be in for a very long wait. In the end I see this being a valid addition to my accessories list, and don't regret the purchase. Still waiting on my Diztronic to offer some comparison.

    Score [4/5]

    Here are some photos I took during the unboxing process:

    EDIT: After more than a week of use, still in love with this case. Yet to get dirty like others have stated theirs have gotten. I think it is a case of people being filthy grubs and not washing their hands several times a day at a minimum.
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  3. garvine
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    garvine , Aug 7, 2014 :
    Diztronic TPU Case (RED)

    After a week and a half on a plane and several couriers I would imagine, my Diztronic has finally arrived!

    I will compare this to my Nillkin under the same criteria to be fair. Please note I have only had several hours of use with this so far, so my review may change over time. In that eventuality I may come back and redact/amend some comments.

    Hand Feel - Out of the box, it feels very different from my current Nillkin case. If I had to put a word to it, it would be "cheap". Maybe it is because it isn't as solid a feel, or even the fact I have never felt a TPU case before so it was just shock factor which made me make this judgement having used my current case for so long. However, after several hours of use. It has grown on me, and it feels kind of nice. Definitely feels nicer than a silicone case if I had to compare it to anything similar. Doesn't have the texture of the Nillkin, and as such the likelyhood of it jumping out of your hand is higher. Before I got this case, I actually imagined it felt closer to rubber. But it doesn't feel like rubber at all.

    - Besides the little nib/flaw on the bottom of the case, due to the injection molding process. Which has been widely noted online in other reviews. The case is also not cut perfectly. It hugs the phone quite well, and was quite painless to fit it on. I haven't taken it off yet, but I would imagine it would be easier to take this off and put it back on compared to my Nillkin which was a little difficult to take off. As the Nillkin is a rigid plastic, I was extra careful not to be too forceful incase I snapped it or chipped a fragment off my sandstone backcover. So it took a bit of time to carefully remove the Nillkin. The biggest flaw I see is when you look at the mic(?) in the back next to the camera. It is not centered with the hole. So if you are OCD like me, it just looks wrong. Compare this to the Nillkin, where it is perfectly centred, I would be much happier. I am being picky here though. There is not much in it. The buttons on the side feel nice and are not too hard to press. They also offer that added protection which my Nillkin didn't have.


    Value - There is not much to complain about the pricing for this case. It is about the same price as my Nillkin which you read my previous post was quite happy with. This case might have been one or two dollars more. But in the grand scheme of things, is pretty negligible. Definitely don't need to stretch the budget too much to get this case and the peace of mind it offers.

    Conclusion - As many have stated this is a really good case. If you had to get one case with gives you everything, this will probably be the case. It protects your phone from drops (supposed, haven't dropped mine to test this theory out yet). It comes at a great price point. Feels nice in the hand. Fits the phone snugly. I would have no qualms in recommending this case at all. That being said, personally I think the Nillkin edges out the Diztronic in terms of hand feel and engineering/precision cutting. But doesn't offer the same level of protection. So it is really a case of having a sexy case or a workhorse of a case. Quite glad I have both :D Still not sure what my daily case will be yet. Probably leaning towards this, and only using the Nillkin when I want to "bling" it out on special occasions.

    Score [3.9/5]

    I wanted to give it a 4/5 but I think my personal preference is still for the Nillkin, so I took a little off to show that. Not much in it though. Pros and cons to both.

    Phone porn
    How it arrived in the packaging.

    Comparing old with new.

    Halfway in the installation process.

    A changing of the guard.

    No complaints here.

    Looks rather utilitarian rather than sleek and sexy.

    Hugs the phone pretty well.

    This photo doesn't do the fit justice. My glass screen protector may be a 1-2mm from the side.
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  5. garvine
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    garvine , Aug 7, 2014 :
    It may not be for everyone. If you are prone to being clumsy, it may slip out of your hand if you are not careful. However, I can't stop myself from feeling it up ;)
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    dansamy , Aug 7, 2014 :
    I've got a red one. I bought it waiting for my cruzerlite. I like it all right, but it's not particularly protective.

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    mohammadhelmy , Aug 7, 2014 :
    Thank you so much...
    Appreciated :)

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    Milad , Aug 7, 2014 :
    Don't react now but please in a few days,
    Tell me how the quality is by then.

  14. milkdude
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    milkdude , Aug 7, 2014 :
    Thanks for the review, I have the black one. for the price, they are a nice case.

  15. garvine
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    garvine , Aug 7, 2014 :
    Yes the screen protector in the photos came with it, I didn't install it though as I already have a better one.

  16. garvine
    Honeycomb Aug 7, 2014

    garvine , Aug 7, 2014 :
    Will definitely follow up on this for you. Maybe in a week. Still feels like sex in my hands now.

  17. Milad
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    Milad , Aug 8, 2014 :
    Just wanted to know if it breaks down in a few days or not. Like the OP accesoires.

  18. kawaii
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    kawaii , Aug 8, 2014 :
    Nope, it's well built, nothing wrong with mine and I've been using it for a while.

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  19. garvine
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    garvine , Aug 8, 2014 :
    I'll echo what kawaii stated. This case feels like it will last a long time even with the occasional bump. Maybe not if you dropped your phone. However, if you dropped your phone. This case will be the least of your worries. :D

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