Nillkin glass protector after a 2 foot drop

  1. syncros
    Gingerbread Aug 19, 2014

    syncros , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Just my luck - I went to put my phone into my side pants pocket, near the knee, when it leaped out of my hand and went for the ground. Unfortunately I was standing on a tile floor, and the phone landed badly. I had the (useless for front impact protection) OPO clear case on it at the time, because the Diztronic case I ordered last week hasn't made its way to Canada yet. It should arrive tomorrow, one day too late. Irony much? Luckily I cant feel the hairline crack through it, so it isn't affecting the functionality.

    So I'll be needing a new tempered glass protector - whats the best way to remove this broken one when it arrives? Anyone know how to remove it without hurting the phone underneath?


    DSC_0422-sm.jpg DSC_0435-sm.jpg DSC_0437-sm.jpg

  2. UnknownSoul
    Jelly Bean Aug 19, 2014

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  3. APatte111
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 19, 2014

    APatte111 , Aug 19, 2014 :
    I would put tape over the crack in the protector to keep it from shattering anymore and then use duck tape towards the top or bottom to remove from the device...

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  4. syncros
    Gingerbread Aug 19, 2014

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  5. bestlands
    KitKat Aug 19, 2014

    bestlands , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Get the casebase tempered glass next it has two screen protectors for 20 dollars

  6. jsalter
    Gingerbread Aug 19, 2014

    jsalter , Aug 19, 2014 :
    The glass did its job. Be thankful you aren't one of the many forums members who have broken screens and a $200 repair quote.

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  7. dncrgl
    Gingerbread Aug 19, 2014

    dncrgl , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Damn, do you have another one to replace it with? My case won't be arriving until September probably and the phone sometime this week so I'm gonna be super careful until I get adequate protection for it.

  8. paulissimo
    KitKat Aug 19, 2014

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  9. audio head
    Honeycomb Aug 19, 2014

    audio head , Aug 19, 2014 :
    was this th nillkin tempered glass one?

  10. Sastay
    Gingerbread Aug 19, 2014

  11. syncros
    Gingerbread Aug 19, 2014

    syncros , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Ordered another Nillkin, which should take another 11 days to arrive. I couldn't find any distributors in Canada or the states for it (at least at near the same $9 shipped price).
    Thanks - the guitar pick is a good way to get under the glass. I hadn't thought of that.
    Yes, the Nillkin 9H tempered glass.
    Yeah totally, much better to break a $9 protector than the glass below. I'll be much happier when the Diztronic case arrives to give this klutzsy owner some peace of mind.

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  12. NiNj0e
    Froyo Nov 2, 2014

    NiNj0e , Nov 2, 2014 :
    Could you please let me know what camera you used to take those pictures of your OPO? The quality is outstanding!

  13. youpii
    Honeycomb Nov 2, 2014

  14. johnnymartz3
    Jelly Bean Nov 2, 2014

    johnnymartz3 , Nov 2, 2014 :
    Had to replace my spartan tempered glass yesterday, just peal it off carefully, the adhesive side has a thin film of plastic or something that keeps all the shards together

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  15. sh3llshock
    KitKat Nov 2, 2014

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  16. EvilSpeaks
    Jelly Bean Nov 2, 2014

    EvilSpeaks , Nov 2, 2014 :
    It's easy to remove, I had to do the same to my casebase screen protector when I dropped my OPO onto my kitchen flooring, it cracked, leaving the screen in perfect condition.

    I left it on until I got a few more replacements from China and when they came, I just simply put my finger nail under the corner of the screen protector and lifted upwards, it just peels off with no issues.

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  17. JustinB95
    Gingerbread Nov 2, 2014

  18. And1-2k20
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 2, 2014

  19. samuk190
    Honeycomb Nov 2, 2014

  20. rajaspardeshi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 2, 2014

    rajaspardeshi , Nov 2, 2014 :
    I use a cruzerlite bugdroid tpu case along with a nillkin crystal film based protector. What'll be my fate if god forbid, I drop my phone?