no cell connection



  1. youre screwed. get a new phone

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  2. there may be hope

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  3. wait for opo two

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  1. zoesky
    Honeycomb Jun 12, 2015

    zoesky , Jun 12, 2015 :
    Over the weekend I dropped my OPO. The touch screen was not responsive so I ordered a replacement that includes the frame.
    I successfully managed to tear down the phone and switch the parts to the new housing. Everything works as expected except for the
    • Capacitive buttons.... which I'm not to concerned
    • cellular connection.
    The phone recognizes when the sim is installed properly. I can see the different apns to choose from for my straight talk sim. But what I'm getting is the triangle saying no service.

    I'm pretty sure I was careful not to rip the antenna during the year down process. But I have disconnected and reconnected so many times those gold connectors to make sure they snap into place, but still no service. Any suggestions? Could I have damaged it from the drop? Any place to get a replacement part if thats the case? Besides ebay/amazon (I've looked already)