No longer waiting for T-Mobile updates!

  1. ANONYMOOSE_82 Ice Cream Sandwich May 19, 2019

    ANONYMOOSE_82, May 19, 2019 :
    yes and have

  2. Networkdood lives Eclair May 27, 2019

  3. John Clinton Lopez Cupcake May 27, 2019

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  4. elanglois Lollipop May 27, 2019

    elanglois, May 27, 2019 :
    Why not flash a full ROM straight from OnePlus???

    And unless they are installing TWRP, they aren't installing a ʾcommunityʾ ROM. ROM images must be signed.

    Once unlocked I'd flash TWRP and then a full Oneplus ROM

  5. John Clinton Lopez Cupcake Jun 1, 2019

    John Clinton Lopez, Jun 1, 2019 :
    i flashed the ROM downloaded the 9.0.13 from one plus then upgraded it to that, worked like a charm it orignal one plus ROM downloaded from the one plus site. I did have my phone sim unlocked from Tmobile and Bootloader unlocked from OnePlus .

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  6. John Clinton Lopez Cupcake Jun 8, 2019

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