No Sim Card problem.

  1. X1542884481442 Cupcake Jul 23, 2019

    X1542884481442, Jul 23, 2019 :

    I am using OnePlus 5T for almost a year now, but from today morning I am facing an issue of "No Sim Card".

    I have tried all the basic troubleshooting but facing same issue and also contacted to the network service provider and they were like 'Sim card is showing Active", so I inserted the sim card on my other Samsung mobile phone and the sim card was working absolutely fine.

    I am sure there is an issue with the handset itself.
    Please help me to solve this problem.

  2. SoniaB Nougat Senior Moderator Jul 23, 2019

    SoniaB, Jul 23, 2019 :
    It looks like its not detecting the SIM card rather than not detecting any network.
    You could try installing a different SIM card into your device and if that is detected then you know the issue is with the SIM card and so just ask for a replacement.

    If a different SIM card is not being detected by your device, then the issue could be hardware with the SIM card slot, in which case, contact OnePlus support or if you are India based, go to your local service centre

  3. X1542884481442 Cupcake Jul 24, 2019

    X1542884481442, Jul 24, 2019 :
    I have done all the possible needs and also visited to the OnePlus service store and are like "this is a motherboard issue we need to change the motherboard and it will cost you 20,000/-".

  4. SoniaB Nougat Senior Moderator Jul 24, 2019

    SoniaB, Jul 24, 2019 :
    If the service centre have said that it's a hardware issue, then there is nothing that the community can do here.
    As your device will be out of warranty then it will be a paid repair

  5. X1542884481442 Cupcake Jul 29, 2019

  6. G_Todd_McLaughlin_OSQV Gingerbread Aug 4, 2019

    G_Todd_McLaughlin_OSQV, Aug 4, 2019 :
    I received the latest update late yesterday and this morning, my phone won't recognize the SIM card. I have removed it and re-installed it several times and actually installed it in my wife's 5T and it worked fine.

    At this point, it's Sunday and there really isn't much I can do about this until tomorrow re: OP service, but needless to say, I'm less than pleased.

    USA based, with the 12-256 Global variant. Any ideas would be welcomed

  7. Waveform Modifier Marshmallow Aug 4, 2019

    Waveform Modifier, Aug 4, 2019 :
    Please read post #2 & 4.