Nord: Random Shutdown and gets stuck in boot loop

  1. hameed.b
    Cupcake Oct 8, 2021

    hameed.b , Oct 8, 2021 :
    I am using Oneplus Nord since a year and it has started re-booting randomly.
    Sometimes gets stuck in boot loop for very long time.
    Its very scary and crazy. Please help ASAP, I don't want to loose any data.

  2. SlackW_1993
    KitKat Oct 8, 2021

    SlackW_1993 , Oct 8, 2021 :
    First of all you cannot loose any data if you use "emergency stop" by pressing Power button and Volume UP (+) simultaneously during 10 seconds after the device stucked on the boot logo.
    1 - Update your OnePlus Nord to latest firmware OxygenOS
    2 - After the upgrade, reboot your device in recovery mode and wipe the cache. There is no data loss.
    Recovery mode : How To
    A - Switch off your OnePlus Nord
    B - Press Volume Down + Power button until the OnePlus logo appears.
    C - Draw your pattern or enter your PIN.
    D - Choose English language.
    E - Select Wipe data and Cache.
    F - Select Wipe Cache.
    G - Select Yes.
    H - Tap Reboot
    It's done !
    3 - Update all your apps on the Play Store and particularly Android System Webview (for system and apps stability). If ASW refuse to update, clear the cache of Play Store app, reboot the device and update again ASW.
    4 - Recheck your device and wait at least 3 days for the system to auto-learn your work habits before attempting anything.
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  3. hameed.b
    Cupcake Oct 20, 2021

    hameed.b , Oct 20, 2021 :
    Thank you for your response.
    I have tried these steps but the issue is still same.
    When I remove my SIM card, it works for some time but later when I insert it again, it doesn't get detected.
    I did get the new SIM from the provider but the results are same.
    I am using the latest version
    Should I take backup and go for factory reset?

  4. SlackW_1993
    KitKat Oct 21, 2021

    SlackW_1993 , Oct 21, 2021 :
    You can try but without being sure it will work.
    For the backup you will have to do it by hand through the usb socket (USB 2.0 protocol) to an external device (SSD, HDD, PC, Mac) or choose a backup app on the Play Store. Because OneSwitch app is no longer on Nord and replaced by OnePlus Clone Phone app which is unable to back up the entire device only 20% at best. Your Google account only allows to recover your contacts, the list of your apps and a tiny part of the photo or video data.