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  1. KevinJin
    NA Community Manager Staff Member Dec 8, 2021

    KevinJin , Dec 8, 2021 :

    Greetings NA OnePlus community,

    We are super excited to announce that the Red Cable Club is officially here in North America 🎉

    Open to Indian OnePlus community members since 2019, the Red Cable Club has grown from strength to strength with millions of OnePlus users across India who are able to take advantage of exclusive benefits including discounts on OnePlus products, early access to new devices prior to anyone else, and third-party promotions from OnePlus partners.

    From today, you, our North America users, will be able to join the club and be part of our ever growing OnePlus family! Red Cable Club is a program that aspires to give exclusive benefits, the best of rewards and many more privileges to the members. Created with the community, by the community.

    Introducing the Red Cable

    A community of inspired individuals passionate about superior technology and the finer things in life.

    A community of dreamers and pioneers, usually spotted with our iconic red cable, united by one common belief - 'Great things happen when we're all wired together'.

    Level up as you garner Experience Points for the most exclusive benefits and rewards.

    Membership Benefits

    The world’s best community deserves the best perks. Red Cable Club members can seamlessly enjoy a host of benefits including discounts, free shipping and much more. Becoming a Red Cable Club is free, all you must do is sign up. As soon as you create an account you can start leveling up to increase benefits and more.

    We are going to bring additional benefits to our NA Red Cable Club over the coming weeks and months ahead. We are excited about what we’re going to bring you…and you won’t have to wait too soon for the first benefit.


    Also, follow us on our Instagram account to not miss the coming activities:

    Never Settle
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