Not happy with OP2:3.5.6?

  1. saurabhpatwardhan Donut Mar 20, 2017

    saurabhpatwardhan, Mar 20, 2017 :
    While there is a genuine loud shout about Droid N over OP2, nobody is talking about what is it that makes using Oxygen 3.5.6 with OP2 an unhappy experience.. Or whether people want N just for the sake of having it..

    Let's list down y OP2 needs N.. May be that will help the cause.

  2. Bartnl Lollipop Mar 20, 2017

    Bartnl, Mar 20, 2017 :
    But you as well do not explain why it is an unpleasant experience.

    And why listing down needs for Android Nougat while up until this very moment it is unclear if the OP2 will get android Nougat?

  3. jizang KitKat Mar 20, 2017

    jizang, Mar 20, 2017 :
    why do you NEED N?

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  4. the_reckoner Honeycomb Mar 20, 2017

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  5. jizang KitKat Mar 20, 2017

    jizang, Mar 20, 2017 :
    REALLY? and how do you know? Given the track record of OP, N battery on OP2 might be dire ;)

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  6. the_reckoner Honeycomb Mar 20, 2017

    the_reckoner, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Google has enhanced doze in N I think. So, battery life will be better

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  7. apoorv4321 Eclair Mar 20, 2017

    apoorv4321, Mar 20, 2017 :
    devices that have got N haven't showed the promises Google made at the I/O last year. And the same happened with project Volta with lollipop, doze in mm and nougat. Android's implementation of how apps work is to blame. And I doubt that even O will fix that

  8. F_Abraham_Arrearan_KXlh Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

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  9. Sam Nakamura Honeycomb Mar 20, 2017

    Sam Nakamura, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Some of the most noteworthy new features of nougat are split-screen multitasking and multi-window mode.
    Another huge addition to N is Android Instant Apps, which we're starting to see go live recently. This enables Android to install small bits of an app ( from a search result or web link) and allow one-time instant app usage. No installing an app and starting over. Android just adds what it needs for that moment, uses the app, and you’re done. It discards it once finished.
    Other changes include improved battery life again with a more efficient “Doze” on-the-go mode, seamless updates that happen behind the scenes (if enabled), a completely revamped notifications and settings menu that’s smarter, more detailed and enhanced. We also like the new round icons, space saver, and app icon shortcuts. Not to mention direct reply from notification bar for all apps, bunched notifications for a cleaner look, number blocking and call screening, improved Quick Setting tiles (and customization) and more.

    Read the article here:

    Personally for me, my op2 is faster, I like the possibility of direct answering from notification panel, split screen, launcher shortcuts, round icons..
    And battery life is doubled for me, in January I hit once 8 hours of SOT on ressurectionremix & boeffla but normal is around 5, which is lightyears from OOS..

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  10. Dhiyaa Donut Mar 21, 2017

    Dhiyaa, Mar 21, 2017 :
    i need N because i deserve to get it for supporting oneplus & buying such a failure phone that's why i need it & in another thought i do need it because I'm a geek & you will have to deal with it :)

  11. Vijay Shetye Cupcake Mar 21, 2017

  12. raneesh.ravi Froyo Mar 21, 2017

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  13. yogeshgamerz Gingerbread Mar 21, 2017

    yogeshgamerz, Mar 21, 2017 :
    I'm totally agree with op. Update 3.5.6 have major battery issue, drained so quickly. So I switched to LinageOS and now battery is twice better than OOS. But if Oneplus will ever release N, I'll switch back to OOS.

  14. reallyriki Froyo Mar 21, 2017

    reallyriki, Mar 21, 2017 :
    Nailed it

  15. G_David_KwnO Cupcake Mar 21, 2017

    G_David_KwnO, Mar 21, 2017 :
    I hate how they said No would come to OP2 by the end of Feb now it's almost the end of March and they have been only releasing multiple updates for the 3 and the 3t...

  16. Chandra addepalli Cupcake Mar 21, 2017

  17. AaronStark171 Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 21, 2017

    AaronStark171, Mar 21, 2017 :
    Because everytime someone creates a thread about op2 it gets merged to some lame *** thread or gets closed. Android N ain't coming, its obvious now, OP just doesn't want to say it upfront cos they promised it, and now they can't deliver. The devs are too busy with op3/t and must be working on the new op5. Ain't nobody got time for op2.
    Also, here are a few bugs u were looking for-
    *heavy battery drainage on lte
    *poor camera performance (compared to oos 2.x)
    *standby drainage (lost like 20 percent juice overnight)
    *unstable os
    *network drops (improved over 3.5.5 but still not fixed completely)
    Etc etc

  18. AaronStark171 Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 21, 2017

    AaronStark171, Mar 21, 2017 :
    Improved doze works only when the device is idle.
    Android n is more power hungry, meaning the sot will likely decrease and considering the amazing os oxygen is I'll say the battery won't last half a day.

  19. aarki Gingerbread Mar 21, 2017

    aarki, Mar 21, 2017 :
    Yesterday Had chat with OnePlus support
    They said update for OnePlus 2 is coming soon but they not reveal whether the update is related to Android N or incremental update to improve OP2 is user experience and battery life and fix major issue we facing.

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  20. Ravi BINAVAT Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 21, 2017

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