Not possible to OTA if previously done adb sideload?

  1. falolaf
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2017

    falolaf , Sep 28, 2017 :

    Is it not possible to install OTA if I prevoiusly have upgraded via adb sideload?

    I have multiple times tried to upgrade via ota but it never succeeds. When the download is done I am advised to click on reboot to upgrade but nothing happens. If I reboot manually the phone just reboots and shows a message that it was not possible to upgrade. It sais something about click repair to continue. But I have no idea where to do that. The .zip file has been removed from the filesystem.

    I have also tried to copy the .zip to the root of the filesystem to try to upgrade via local upgrade but that is not possible either.

    Any ideas?