Not [The Lab] but a View at 7Pro – V8 Perspective.

  1. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 20, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 20, 2019 :

    Why! Just why!! - There’s this bloody itch to be on The LAB but couldn’t get there, so why not!?

    I’ve bought 2 OnePlus 7Pros at the popup in Bangalore and one unit was used for review purpose after which I’ll be handing over to its true owner. 3T is still my daily driver and any nonsense I talk here is based on that.

    I broke this into these parts to make it readable.

    I have a Tl:Dr version in the end, post #11 in case you’re not interested in reading through all this.
    Let us take a look at all the three colors and 7Pro’s lil brother, the 7 in red




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  2. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :

    Without any delay, let’s jump into unboxixixixingggg (That was just my excitement messing me up)

    Box wasn’t exciting at all, it’s the same White lid with the contents in a red tub. Hey OnePlus make it a little exciting something like the OPO or McLaren 6T! However, this time there’s a Community logo on the side of the label which defines ‘Community’ - Attention to details.





    In the box:
    A clear case
    Welcome note
    Warp charge - Adapter & Cable
    Sim Ejector tool (Detailing on this card is fantastic)
    Warranty card



    Hey you missed to add the dongle to the kit. If not a pair of earphones, give us a dongle at least! I couldn’t test Dolby Atmos on headphones / Equalizer on it coz – no Dongle and I don’t have type C earphones.

    If you’re wondering about the Sandstone & Karbon case - I got them as perks of Pop-up purchase.

  3. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :

    With the specs making to news and leaks making it too clear I don’t think you need me to read the specs sheet, so I’ll skip.

    Device weights 206 Gms as per OnePlus. Who needs that! It feels heavy in hand and that’s what matters to me. Saying that, after using it for about 5 days now, “I” never felt it uncomfortable.

    Battery was pumped up to 4000Mah and wow! this is the reason for that heavy body, OnePlus didn’t use any heavy fall proof metal obviously.

    It’s a glass back device and looks stunning, no wonder. Do not drop unless you’re filthy rich as it’s going to cost you a fortune. OnePlus quotes INR 15k for the screen replacement and we know glass back is costly too. If you drop your phone, remember you can get a poco for the price of fixing this. It is indeed a fingerprint magnet and that’s where I rely on robots of dbrand.


    Power button, alert slider on the right and volume buttons on the left are easy to reach and operate as usual. Nothing much to go gaga on this.

    Triple camera setup + LED flash - a big setup for the shutterbugs also, definitely adds to the aesthetics. Finally a zoom lens. 5X would’ve been better, but hey put this to proper use and it’ll serve many occasions.

    That’s enough of the sexy back, let’s move to the front and I’m already excited about not having to use a fingerprint sensor on the back.

    OnePlus didn’t allow the Notch to board the Pro. It could’ve altogether killed the useless notch, I don’t understand why it has to remain (on the 7) when they were ruthless enough to kill Jack!


    Selfie camera is hidden inside the body, so there’s nothing to see at the front! This made the device taller and not One Hand friendly. @Manu J. it’s time we look at One handed mode, not everyone would like to use an apk from XDA for that. I wasn’t a fan of large screens, but this guy impressed me.

    Wireless charging and IP certification would’ve been great additions as community asks, but for me this serves. I don’t regret having them though.

  4. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :

    6.67 Incher HDR10+ Fluid AmoLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate playing on QHD+ resolution and 800 nits max brightness. Wait it’s curved and I loooove curves (I’m talking about screens you perv).

    I don’t give a damn about nonsensical marketing techniques like the Display Mate ‘A+’ rating and all but this is hell of an experience.

    90 Hz refresh rate, many wouldn’t understand it on paper. I was excited but not sure how good that could actually be until I started experiencing it. This makes the device feel faster, those who said touch latency - I can now agree previous devices are slower. I can only say ‘Beyond Speed’ about this.

    Notification light has been replaced by ‘Horizon light’ which is pretty more the Edge notification light we’ve seen on Samsung S series. The flash it makes while popping up selfie camera is stunning.

    Colours are bright, a little over saturated IMO but who cares as long as you have an option to adjust them to your liking? From among Vivid, Natural & Advanced – I liked Natural.

    I’m not a fan of animations and usually turn it off while I set up the device. This case has been different, the Screen unlock animation is good and I let it play. It’s a 4000Mah battery with 30 Warp charge, why do I need to worry about battery consumption!

    800 Nits brightness is really helping to make the device comfortable to use under sunlight.

    There’s a pre applied screen protector which is thin and not the go to option many would like, but I used my 3T for over 1 year with the pre applied protector after which I never used one. On a contrary, the one on 7Pro looks delicate and doesn’t look that durable as it was on my 3T.

  5. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :
    Performance and Software

    With 8GB RAM and SD855 things should be fast and smooth & just like on paper, it is indeed fast. I don’t really rely on benchmarking but here goes the scoring for those who do. (antutu - that’s the only thing I know)


    Fingerprint sensor is what really amazed me talking about performance. I expected it to be faster than on 6T but hell it over took a physical sensor. Officially 3T unlocks in 0.2 Secs and 7Pro unlocks in 0.21 Secs but you can see 7Pro unlocks faster than 3T here. OnePlus made my phone slower :p

    Face unlock is fast as well. But with the popup camera, I wouldn’t suggest using face unlock. Also, it was always proved that face unlock is inferior to any other manner of security lock for your device.

    Those of you interacting with me already know the pain I’ve gone through While moving my data from 3T to S9. While S9 took about 50 mins to copy 40GB data from my mac, 3T took about 4.5Hrs to transfer the same to Mac. With UFS 3.0 and USB Type C 3.1, these times are going to go down. I couldn’t test it though.

    Haptic feedback feels right into fingers and offers a good thumping effect. Vibration intensity is at default and I can actually feel it to be stronger than on 3T. One more reason for me to consider an upgrade.

    Haptic feedback a reason for upgrade! I should be a lunatic, but Fnatic mode makes sense. It uses haptic feedback in such an intense manner that I could actually feel shooting bullets while playing PUBG. Gaming mode does this as well but Fnatic mode did offer a few more options.

    Speaking of gaming, Liquid cooling is under the hood and I can’t comment on it during this short span test. However, device remained cool and is good to use without any difference even after 20 min gaming.

    I don’t need to talk much about Oxygen OS, OnePlus committed to a 2Yr major updates and 3Yr security patches and it keeps updating. Watch out official Update announcement threads for that.

    RAM management has continued to be the same nonsense yet again. YouTube has cleared it’s cache and returned to home page while I was scrolling through some settings to help someone else setup their device initially. We’re talking about having 6/8/12 GB RAM on board and this doesn’t sound good.

    Talking about the initial experience, There’s no more amazon apps pre-installed. It’s just a clean OS with the bare minimum utilities, few Oneplus and Google apps. Netflix is the only other thing that’s pre-installed and it cannot be uninstalled. Why Oneplus why!! We said no stub so you gave us Netflix!? I’ll use the debloater script and get rid of it though (if it were my device).

    There’s an update soon after the purchase which created a topic to discuss about camera. I’ll be dealing with this in the Camera part. DC dimming is something that I couldn’t really experience in this short period so I’ll skip talking on that.
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  6. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :

    Triple camera setup - Wide angle, 48Mp regular shooter & a 3X zoom lens. Sony IMX586 supports 48MP resolution. 1.6 is the f number and OIS is back in action.

    Initially camera isn’t really impressive. Zoom lens and wide-angle lens are welcome addition. Main shooter doesn’t click everything in 48MP, you need to go Pro Mode and select 48MP JPG to do this.

    After the update Camera performance has improved noticeably. There has been a lot of confusion over this regarding the software used for DXO rating. DXO Mark could’ve used this updated version for their tests or maybe something else, whatever might be the scenario it still needs to be fine-tuned. Even if it was entirely a different update, well we’re at a win coz we would still be getting that quality soon.

    Many could be disappointed about not able to click everything in 48MP, but I’m happy. Resolution is not what plays it all the time. Wide aperture for the high-resolution shot is a deal breaker for me and so I’m happy with this move.

    What I’m bothered about is not putting that 3X optical zoom to use to capture videos. Here’s a classic example of where that could’ve helped a lot.

    Talking about the front camera, it feels sturdy and strong. Daily usage tests done on a software assures me to some extent but my concerns remain. Auto retract while drop makes me comfortable. Let’s see how it works (I’m not dropping it on floor though)

    Zoom lens is good but could be better at work, it still manages to lose some details.

    Nightscape isn’t impressive, it’s fine to shoot some buildings and stuff but on people it creates Oil painting effect and I just hate it. People say it improved over 6/6T but I never used them so no comments.

    Enough talking, now you can go ahead and see the results. I’m staying unbiased here, no editing or third-party gear used. All auto setup to give a plain view. This could go lot better if I went Pro mode, but I’m not touching that for review purposes.

    Before update
    IMG_20190520_205853.jpg IMG_20190520_205855.jpg IMG_20190520_205902.jpg IMG_20190520_205915_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190520_205921.jpg IMG_20190520_210201.jpg IMG_20190520_210206.jpg IMG_20190520_210213.jpg IMG_20190520_210223_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190520_210335.jpg IMG_20190520_210341.jpg IMG_20190520_210346.jpg IMG_20190520_210358_Bokeh.jpg

    After update
    IMG_20190520_211200.jpg IMG_20190520_211203.jpg IMG_20190520_211209.jpg IMG_20190520_211220_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190520_211254.jpg IMG_20190520_211258.jpg IMG_20190520_211306.jpg IMG_20190520_211319_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190520_211352_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190520_211402.jpg IMG_20190520_211406.jpg IMG_20190520_211414.jpg IMG_20190520_211422.jpg

    3T Shots
    00000PORTRAIT_00000_BURST20190520210527605.jpg 00000PORTRAIT_00000_BURST20190520210646843.jpg IMG_20190520_210006.jpg IMG_20190520_210122.jpg IMG_20190520_210507.jpg IMG_20190520_210518.jpg IMG_20190520_210614.jpg IMG_20190520_210628.jpg

    Few more from 7Pro
    IMG-20190518-WA0029.jpg IMG-20190518-WA0031.jpg IMG-20190518-WA0033.jpg IMG-20190518-WA0037.jpg IMG-20190518-WA0041.jpg IMG-20190518-WA0043.jpg IMG-20190518-WA0044.jpg IMG-20190518-WA0045.jpg

  7. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :

    4000Mah is quite a jump, coupled with warp Charge it is a needed move to set off the drain 6.67 Inch QHD+ display with 90 Hz refresh rate is going to cause.

    I did not set up the device to be a daily driver, so can’t give unbiased review on the battery part. Here’s what I did to test it out - Played a 4K YouTube video playlist in full screen and QHD+ and here are the stats. A whooping 11Hr 14Min SOT (It’s just youtube and nothing else)

    Video 1 -
    Video 2 -
    Video 3 -

    For the charge speeds, these screenshots should do the talking. It took about 1Hr or even less (I realized a little late) to charge from 20 – 100 with Warp speed.

    Those who are worried about using a Dash charger with 7Pro, It charges fast. 15 – 100 took a little over 1.5Hr. Using a dash cable with Warp Adapter still gives Warp speeds.

    Screenshot_20190520-212458.jpg Screenshot_20190520-212515.jpg Screenshot_20190520-223540.jpg Screenshot_20190520-223815.jpg Screenshot_20190520-224648.jpg Screenshot_20190521-052740.jpg Screenshot_20190521-052747.jpg Screenshot_20190521-052901.jpg Screenshot_20190521-095345.jpg Screenshot_20190521-095358.jpg Screenshot_20190521-095404.jpg

  8. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :

    We now have dual speakers with Dolby atmos. One placed as regular and another on top of the screen.

    I won’t say it’s too loud, but it’s loud enough and comfortable to enjoy the music or clearly not miss details on an instructional video. Music experience is good on speakers.

    With the jack missing, I can only test Bullets Wireless and they are as usual like you already know. Not much of any improvement to differ with device. Just that bass less music with no thumping, I loved my V2 more and having an adapter would’ve helped.

  9. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :

    It is indeed a good upgrade for those of us on the 3 to 5T. Having a 6 or 6T - I’d say wait few days more.
    A little heavy to use but not a deal breaker.
    Screen is amazing and the design Impressed me.
    Decent battery life for the usage I’ve been through these 5 days.
    Sound quality is good enough

    Camera could be lot better for the on paper specs and hype around it. Let’s hope @Manu J. and team would fix it for us, else we have our awesome XDA friends already working on Gcam to rescue.

    I’d call it a Samsung mark build with OOS and OnePlus mark detailing. Get Google standard camera & it’d be the best device in the market.

    To be on the point – I’m sold. There are a few cons but I’m definitely sold on this device.

  10. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :
    A little random and useless opinion

    Screen recorder – was something community has been asking since long and it’s here and it means one app off the device. Welcome move indeed

    Popup camera! This isn’t something I’m in favor of due to the same old ‘No to moving parts’ but that’s not going to affect me much as I’m not much of a selfie person and also OnePlus talks a lot about it’s longevity. I was excited about the self-retraction mechanism when device accidentally falls. This turned out to be the same ‘splash proof’ talk.

    How this is intended to work – Pop up camera retracts during the fall so that it doesn’t take any impact

    How this works in reality – Pop up camera retracts after body meets a free fall impact. In case the camera has to take the hit first, I’m not sure on its later effects and the hole it can punch to our wallets.

    Zen mode – A utility that locks out your device for 20 mins and makes your 7Pro a dumb / basic phone. In my words – Green & Red buttons (Answer and cut a call)

    With fancy terms like digital wellbeing we’re letting technology control us rather than we controlling it. Do we need our mobile to be so strict that it doesn’t let us use it!? Don’t we have an individuality and control ourselves from using it for need and prioritize our daily life!

    Thanks to OnePlus, you just put me to shame and I challenge “I’m going to control my usage without the need of Zenmode”. That said, I’m not testing out Zen mode and this Blabbering ends here.

    I might not be able to answer your questions further as I’m handing it over today - Thanks to my friend for patiently waiting without getting his hands on. If ever I purchase a 7Pro for myself I’ll update and you guys can shoot your doubts. Until then, [The Lab] reviewers are at your help.

  11. BobbyV8_ The Showcase Reviewer May 21, 2019

    BobbyV8_, May 21, 2019 :

    Unboxing – Not exciting, became the same old white & red box. Adding a pair of earphones or atleast a dongle would’ve been nice.

    Build – Sturdy, heavy and big reminds me of @NeVeR_SeTTLe. Glass back, no notch, curved display gives it an elegant look. Concern could be with huge 6.67 inch screen without one-hand mode and 206gms is a little heavy for smartphones these days.

    Display – 6.67 inch QHD+ Fluid AMOLED curved display with 90Hz refresh rate. This can’t be explained but needs to be experienced. Forget about battery drain and stuff, I want to keep it at full resolution all the time.

    Performance – With top processor and huge RAM on board it should be able to handle lot of computational mess, however cache got cleared and I have no idea why we’d need to do that. Needs to be improved, let the device use resources it has.

    Camera – Big on specs, doesn’t meet my expectations. Initial results could be disappointing taking OnePlus’s record into consideration but will improve over time. Atleast the Gcam mods will be out soon for our rescue.

    Battery – This is a beast. 11Hr YouTube on QHD+ playing a 4k video at 1440p isn’t a joke.

    Sound – Dual speakers prove to be effective, louder and clear.

    Conclusion – Bang on for the buck, I’m sold.
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    +100 presidency points

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    Yay... :D

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    You didn't tell us what happened to the 2nd one you bought. Ok maybe you did, I skimmed a lot.

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    I read all that:oops:

    @BobbyV8_ awesome review!
    Only thing missing, a proper review on video capabilities. But I guess the lab reviewers will cover it.

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    A LAB Reviewer did a “not so proper review on video” a while back, and it was fun, not to watch.. but to troll.

    Indeed anyone?

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