Notice about OnePlus Nord’s reboot and data loss issue

  1. ankur_ami
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2020

  2. I1576584939863
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2020

  3. sandman15702
    Froyo Sep 25, 2020

    sandman15702 , Sep 25, 2020 :
    In my case, when I change from Wifi to SIM DATA it is a reboot 100% guaranteed. I have other reboots not linked to that, but when I leave home, from instance, there is a reboot

  4. diablo0090
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 25, 2020

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  5. AAA_Freddo_Addle
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 25, 2020

    AAA_Freddo_Addle , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Sep 25, 2020 :
    Good to hear OnePlus is working on it. Thank you!
    Also, please provide the update on fixing Display tint issues.
    This is very important one because this issue is noticed in every day and being a new phone, such issue doesn't make it worthy.
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  6. thunderz
    Eclair Sep 25, 2020

    thunderz , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 25, 2020 :
    The battery life is very poor. The battery is draining very quickly. Getting only 3 hours of SOT in minimal use. Please fix it also in the next update.

  7. ruimartins
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2020

    ruimartins , Sep 25, 2020 :
    What about the green and pink screen tint issues? Is this going being worked on or will I have to return the phone?

  8. Ajay_577
    Donut Sep 25, 2020

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  9. Ajay_577
    Donut Sep 25, 2020

    Ajay_577 , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 25, 2020 :
    😆😆 well said bro

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  10. Helene69
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2020

    Helene69 , Sep 25, 2020 :
    I had the reboot issue, but it just stayed rebooting until I did a hard shutdown. My latest problem is that calls cut out mid call and then sound returns. This can happen several times in one call, and I miss quite a chunk of what they say, and the other person doesn't hear me shouting "can you hear me?" Don't know what has caused this but I've deleted the NHS Track and Trace App in case it was that. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  11. david_yeahh
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2020

  12. Adithya93 , via OnePlus Nord Gray Onyx , Sep 25, 2020 :
    Please don't forget the camera needs a serious update to be fixed as well. Front camera has been terrible at times and most of the users have been reporting it since from day one and it has not been rectified yet.

  13. Manoj_Penumaka
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2020

    Manoj_Penumaka , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 25, 2020 :
    Please take a look into my issue. I've been reporting this from 10.5.5. My phone have a serious bug that causing the charging speed to be very slow if the screen is on while charging. It's charging just 50 percent per hour if I use the phone while charging. Please take a look into this. I have tried everything including factory reset

  14. Raghulspidy
    Eclair Sep 25, 2020

    Raghulspidy , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 25, 2020 :
    After last update , I'm facing heating issue while playing games and heat is so high near camera section , pls clear this in upcoming updates too , thankyou [e]1f44d[/e]

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  15. Pranay datta
    Gingerbread Sep 25, 2020

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  16. Karun Deep
    Jelly Bean Sep 25, 2020

  17. Vijai Selvan
    Eclair Sep 25, 2020

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  18. MasterJam
    Gingerbread Sep 25, 2020

    MasterJam , Sep 25, 2020 :
    Don't get me wrong but I sincere hope that OP will not again push a bug fixing update without adding the latest security patch.
    September is almost over and we're still on July patch. According to the update promise by OP and their attempt of bi-monthly security patches time is running out.

  19. pratik17519
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2020

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  20. kacamataafi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 25, 2020

    kacamataafi , Sep 25, 2020 :
    do you have the optimize charging turned on?try turning it off and charge again.