Notice regarding the OnePlus 5 & 5T update delay

  1. Nil_s7
    Gingerbread Nov 10, 2020

    Nil_s7 , via OnePlus 5 , Nov 10, 2020 :
    Seems corona vaccine will come early than update😂😂😂. What oneplus doing for Oneplus 5 /5T god knows.Is this oneplus's highest priority then god also can't save oneplus🙏

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  2. Nil_s7
    Gingerbread Nov 10, 2020

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  3. Nil_s7
    Gingerbread Nov 10, 2020

    Nil_s7 , via OnePlus 5 , Nov 10, 2020 :
    Oneplus have taken more time to develop Android 10 build for Oneplus 5/5T then Android 11 by Google. Don't know any college student is working on this project 🤣🤣

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  4. Bodygard
    Gingerbread Nov 10, 2020

    Bodygard , Nov 10, 2020 :
    IF Oneplus devs cannot solve the bugs after 6 months (!!!), they should ask help from previous cyanogen (now Lineage) partners, as it was released today the official build Android 10 Lineage OS 17.1 for OP5/T. Still, they said they're also waiting for Oneplus Oxygen OS stable release to improve their builds even further.

    They make $0 out of this still they care more about OP5/T users then Oneplus itself.
    What a shame...

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  5. thiagomz
    Donut Nov 10, 2020

  6. Bodygard
    Gingerbread Nov 10, 2020

    Bodygard , Nov 10, 2020 :
    On a side note, my new smartphone has arrived. iPhone XS, cost me $430 from Amazon used but like new, mint condition, no scratch whatsoever, no marks anywhere, battery 97% condition. Still has 3 more years of updates ahead, until 2023. That's how you do it Oneplus, care for users.

    OP5T only had 2 software updates but it was like having only 1! Oneplus launched OP5T in October 2017 with Android 7.1.1 Nougat when Android 8 Oreo was available since August. So they launched a new phone with an old Android version...

    I'll keep my OP5 to keep playing with Android but probably with a custom rom now.

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  7. ninja123456 , via OnePlus 5 Midnight Black , Nov 10, 2020 :
    Maybe some low IQ developer has been hired who mainly works going through online forums, Google search and YouTube videos whenever they get issues

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  8. shivang_6373
    Cupcake Nov 10, 2020

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  9. VanMilan
    Honeycomb Nov 10, 2020

    VanMilan , via OnePlus 5 , Nov 10, 2020 :
    Aye yo, One plus. I can't afford to buy another phone like others here. You better be working on that update or I am gonna be really really .........I am just gona be sad and probably cry myself to sleep. Come on, do something

  10. ischan
    Cupcake Nov 10, 2020

    ischan , Nov 10, 2020 :
    My 5T has been acting like a sloth since the last OS upgrade. Doing a factory reset can't help resolve it . has anyone experienced the same or similar issue? Thanks.

  11. ninja123456 , via OnePlus 5 Midnight Black , Nov 10, 2020 :
    A century of pages crying for updates, cursing the brand, cursing the developers, cursing those who create these fake apology posts, asking for Android 11, discussing how to go back to 9, posting new phones bought from another brand, the list continues yes there is no update from anyone

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  12. shekhardamale
    Cupcake Nov 10, 2020

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  13. G_TANUJ
    Donut Nov 10, 2020

    G_TANUJ , via OnePlus 5 , Nov 10, 2020 :
    I am thinking of installing some Custom ROM now. I don't think they will give update now and for sure I will never buy OnePlus again.

  14. bawng_upa
    Honeycomb Nov 10, 2020

  15. sharkhark
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2020

    sharkhark , Nov 11, 2020 :
    Exactly. Processing feels slow. Pages load slower. Cell signal worse. Battery much much worse. Like a completely different phone since update.

  16. Itsme11
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2020

    Itsme11 , via OnePlus 5 , Nov 11, 2020 :
    Exactly..same as mine

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  17. Itsme11
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2020

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  18. A1510680505701
    Froyo Nov 11, 2020

    A1510680505701 , Nov 11, 2020 :
    It is a shame, a real shame, definitely, as with me they will lose many customers who were loyal consumers of their products!

    this is my last message!

    Good luck OP with your strategy of losing customers!

  19. VanMilan
    Honeycomb Nov 11, 2020

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  20. TheSpoken
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 11, 2020

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