Notice regarding the OnePlus 5 & 5T update delay

  1. Sid_Ck
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 20, 2020

    Sid_Ck , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Being deleted or you mean not recognising your fingerprint?

  2. Q1511331031165
    Eclair Oct 20, 2020

    Q1511331031165 , Oct 20, 2020 :
    I want to Stable and with running old Features New Update for My Oneplus 5T.

    Because I chose the ONEPLUS brand. No Samsung, No Lg, No others phone brands.

    I'm tired for waiting update same Samsung.

    How Can I trust Oneplus brand for advice to my friends New model buying.
    I don't trust to Oneplus.

    I think no delay it is delaying, procrastination.
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  3. Sad.oneplus5t.user.
    Froyo Oct 20, 2020

    Sad.oneplus5t.user. , Oct 20, 2020 :
    They are purposely not updating their phone and forcing old uses to buy new OP+ phones .

    Clear sign of greedy company......Boycott them .

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  4. Siddj38
    Froyo Oct 20, 2020

    Siddj38 , via OnePlus 5T , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Bro you gotta factor in the fact that india is oneplus's second biggest market after china. Naturally there will be more Indians complaining and of course because of less buying power people tend to hold on to thier phones till they are running fine.
    As far I'm concerned, I know they don't care now but word of mouth spreads fast too. I know atleast 5 people who got a oneplus after seeing how stratified I was and I recommended it to then. These are the 5 people I won't be advising to upgrade to a new oneplus again. I just got my mom a note 10 instead of a oneplus like I did for my dad. Numbers add up fast

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  5. G_Mister_thakur_WmDP
    Honeycomb Oct 20, 2020

    G_Mister_thakur_WmDP , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 20, 2020 :
    they intentionally send this buggy update so peoples will buy there new one plus mobiles .what a terrible way.they want you to get frustrated that's why they are not fixing anything

  6. Deactivated User
    Oct 20, 2020

  7. cthulhu
    Gingerbread Oct 20, 2020

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  8. cthulhu
    Gingerbread Oct 20, 2020

  9. NShankaraN
    Jelly Bean Oct 20, 2020

    NShankaraN , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 20, 2020 :
    I would like to postpone my phone upgrade by another year or 18 months. Reasons are 1. OnePlus 5 is still a very capable device better than current midrangers 2. 5G infrastructure is not yet ready here in India 3. My phone usage is minimal and I don't see any need to upgrade at the moment

    Ultimately I will have to move towards custom roms but I would like to defer it as much as possible . But without security updates I would be forced to look at the custom roms with latest security patches as my employer blocks devices with old security patches and I would not be able to connect to office network. I'm still hoping that we'll get an update shortly

    Whenever I buy next phone, my only considerations would be good user experience and better support from OEM

    Honestly I had very minimal / no issues upto OOS 9.0.11 and my experience was really good with OnePlus. Issues are being faced only from May since I updated to 10.0.0.

    So it all depends on OnePlus now if they want to retain many users like me and convince us to buy their next device in future or to force us to look elsewhere

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  10. Madnezz4Ever
    Jelly Bean Oct 20, 2020

    Madnezz4Ever , via OnePlus Community App , Oct 20, 2020 :
    If that was the case, then they wouldn't be sending out updates for the 6's or 7's as both of those are old phones.

    A brand purposely not sending out updates in order to get people to buy a new phone from them is a dumb idea as people are more then likely going to switch to a better brand.

  11. Nil_s7
    Gingerbread Oct 20, 2020

    Nil_s7 , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Yes Hardware is great and will capable for next 1-2 years. Also we are getting 7k in exchange and at that price we are getting basic android phones so this phone will work but for those who don't care about software updates. Also oneplus 5 update situation is like corona virus. If we daily see the graph then mind gets distract hence don't check that news as well as update. Oneplus will push update whenever they wants and we can't do anything about that. So focus on own work and enjoy life. Stay healthy,stay safe😉

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  12. RijuSarkarJoy
    Cupcake Oct 20, 2020

  13. Sad.oneplus5t.user.
    Froyo Oct 20, 2020

    Sad.oneplus5t.user. , Oct 20, 2020 :

    Not every ppl are technical like you .....many ppl think their phone is getting slow bz it is old , they don't know the actual reason that op+ has provided them buggy update and not willing to fix it.

  14. Sad.oneplus5t.user.
    Froyo Oct 20, 2020

    Sad.oneplus5t.user. , Oct 20, 2020 :

    Well said

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  16. kaesekuchengerd
    Donut Oct 20, 2020

    kaesekuchengerd , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Time to say goodbye OP. Next stop: ***** 5. I would go with OP, but if they don't even give the security patches ... Others can do better.

  17. m0rtar0
    Donut Oct 20, 2020

  18. Bodygard
    Gingerbread Oct 21, 2020

    Bodygard , Oct 21, 2020 :
    I can't understand why they can't even give us security updates. Security updates are possible without any software update!!! They are failing to deliver security updates big time...

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