[Submitted] notification bar

  1. Filipe_Oliveira_fljotavik
    Eclair Aug 9, 2019

    Filipe_Oliveira_fljotavik , Aug 9, 2019 :
    Im having problems with spotify, podcasts app, and other media apps. The bar notification, while playing, freezes sometimes and it's impossible to clean out with swipe. Another strange behavior is when I stop playing in spotify's bar sometimes kills the app.

    I've already clear cache of apps and launcher and nothing changes.

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  2. Dreyarn
    Cupcake Sep 1, 2019

    Dreyarn , Sep 1, 2019 :
    Same here.
    I can't swipe away PocketCasts notifications since the latest OB release, and I even sent them a bug report, but it seems it's a bug from OxygenOS according to them.
    I also have the same problem with Spotify too.