Notification Delay Issue Nord CE 5G via OnePlus Nord CE

  1. shuklasujit18
    Cupcake Nov 14, 2021

    shuklasujit18 , via OnePlus Nord CE , Nov 14, 2021 :
    Last time I have posted about camera issue.. To be very honest , after observing everything I always post here about issues.. Yesterday I had chat with my friends on Instagram. And I didn't get any notification yesterday of those chat.. And today after 24 hrs of chat now suddenly I got all those Notifications in bulk one by one.. Sometime happening with whatsapp too and google login security notification too..? What someone will do if important Notification will not pop up quickly in notification bar and appearing after an hour or 24 hrs late..

    What's wrong with one plus Nord CE and what the hell is this all yar..? Dear oneplus team people spent their hard earned money to buy best mobile phones.. I can understand their are possibilities to come some bugs but such kind of things not expected from the team like you.. Bulk notification coming after 24 hrs of chat, I am observing this from past week and thought it as some network issue but no it's completely device issue or the new software upgrade issue..!

    I am really looking forward to hear from your team on this issue.. Such a worst experience with oneplus Nord CE.. Not worth taking this device ..😑
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  4. shuklasujit18
    Cupcake Nov 15, 2021