Notification volume increasing touch issue and other issues.

  1. legendary_knight
    Gingerbread Nov 25, 2015

    legendary_knight , Nov 25, 2015 :
    Hi everyone,
    i have been using One Plus X i am placing few issues. can anyone suggest the solution or say u too facing such issues . if its a bug when it will be fixed.

    1. While reducing the volume on the notification even i touch and increase it it goes back to the start again no matter how many times i drag to high when i remove my finger from the touch it goes back to the low automatically no matter how many times i try it goes back to low. later when i check the notification its high.

    2.when i drag the notification drawer from the top and move back to top its not hiding fully i need drag the drawer back again to make it hide at the top.

    3.when i turn on smart lock On-body detection and off and using the mobile sometimes it ask for patter and sometimes its not asking me for the patter it opens instantly even the security mode is pattern. This need to be fixed or can anyone say what may be the possible root cause for it or to solve it.

    4. This is not an issue but when using media transfer app like shareIt which uses wifi the data is shared although it shows the warning of it. Its not fair comparing to other lolipop device which generates the password by default for the tethering hotspot while using the app. but its inconvenient to turn the data off and use it then turn it back.

    5. very Important i am not receiving any service reply from the mobile operator even after the code is typed and working. For example i am using airtel operator in india when i dial *121# it shows one pop up then after no service i am getting from it. And also when my data usage is at the end i usually get service msgs from the mobile operator but in OPX i am not receiving any service reply. Its very difficult for me to even to know watt my usage and other things its not my mobile operator fault though. Can anyone give solution for this issue immediately.

    6. There is lot of slagin in swiftkey even i dont have multiple apps runnig it takes more than 3 secs to display the text i typed or more and sometimes for 4-5 seconds and display all i have typed wit a bang in chrome and sometime in IM. Is it a issue even OPX 3Gb ram and no much background apps runnin wats the cause for the slaginess that too as if mobile is hangin for 3-6 seconds???

    Thanks in advance and hoping this feedback and issues will be useful for the OP team to fix and provide more custom mainly on UI and security and performance. And as OP fan i am expecting more features by OP team for Oxygen soon and ...
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  2. MrMysakovich
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 2, 2016