Notifications issue after the latest update

  1. vdinesh Cupcake Jun 9, 2018

    vdinesh, Jun 9, 2018 :
    After the latest from which face unlock is brought to OnePlus 3T, I am noticing this wierd issue. if you see the attached image, it is the notification drawer and it looks transparent. And not just that, I have to tap on single notification twice to open it. single tap doesn't work. This doesn't happen always, but still is very much irritating when it happens. After the latest update, I see some other UI issues as well like sometimes when I slide down to view the notifications, on the top right corner I see battery icon overlapping with the settings icon. Again this doesn't happen always but still is buggy in my opinion. Please fix this ASAP.

  2. vdinesh Cupcake Jun 9, 2018

  3. G_Gaurav_Jain_PnVC Cupcake Jun 9, 2018

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  4. vdinesh Cupcake Jun 13, 2018

    vdinesh, Jun 13, 2018 :
    noticed another issue. I was playing one YouTube video with the thumbnail( see the background in the attached image...that is the thumbnail of the video,not my lockscreen image). while watching the video,I opened another application and locked the phone. This is what happened once I tried to check the time. Videos thumbnail is coming as lock screen image. All these doesn't effect anything but still makes me question one plus's software. Still a fan though. Please fix these issues @OnePlus