Notifications Not Being Received

  1. Mister_Baker
    Cupcake Feb 14, 2020

    Mister_Baker , Feb 14, 2020 :
    Help OnePlus Community!

    Ever since the latest round of updates (10.3.1), I don't get notifications on my OP6 any more. I've checked all sound settings, made sure my phone is allowing notifications and even reset all app notifications however things like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Text Messages still don't come through when they should. instead I get a load of applications at once.

    Network wise, I'm using both EE in the UK and my home WiFi, my Samsung tablet still gets the notifications and they pretty much always seem to come before I receive them on my phone.

    Is this a known bug, does anyone know of a fix?

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  2. rohit4577
    Eclair Feb 14, 2020

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  3. cozzmat
    Honeycomb Feb 15, 2020

    cozzmat , via OnePlus 6 Midnight Black , Feb 15, 2020 :
    I'll try it... thanks..
    ps. I've been got this kind of problem in particular with Twitter and also with IG!

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  4. Mister_Baker
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2020

    Mister_Baker , Feb 15, 2020 :
    thank you, I'll give that a try, much appreciated!

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