Notifications : Time To Draw A Line


What is your level of Notification Control?

  1. All notifications

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  2. Turned off for a couple of apps

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  3. Turned off low priority ( about a quarter of the apps)

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  4. Turned on for some apps only

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  5. No notifications

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  6. Potato

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  1. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

    McJader , Sep 22, 2021 :
    Ting, ting, ting! Buzzz, buzzz, buzzz
    At some point in your life, you've got a notification. You’ve looked at it. You’ve got another one. You’ve looked at that. And another. And another. And so it goes..
    “Cheetosdust quoted your message”. You think, “Oh, I must reply to this.” You reply to it. Cheetos gets a notification. He has a smart comeback line and replies to your post, “Cheetosdust quoted your message”. “Hmm, I must match his wit.” and so it goes on for half an hour. Half an hour that Cheetosdust could’ve spent stalking OnePlus employees and you could’ve spent procrastinating. All because of: Notifications, the topic that this thread is about, as you might’ve guessed.

    Notifications are a great tool to stay informed and connected socially as well as otherwise. Your boss sent you an email, you get a notification(or maybe not, looking at the number of Gmail threads here). Your friend sent you a picture, you have a new follower on twitter, you get a notification. Someone posts on instagram after a day’s gap, you get a notification: “HeckJader posted after a long time, have a look”. You get a notification for every like and comment your post gets. You get a notification every single second of every single day that your device is connected to the internet.
    (I'm exaggerating, but you get the point)
    See where I’m going with this?
    What starts off as a great tool, ends up becoming a menace, and the worst part is, you get addicted to the menace. This addiction isn't a coincidence or a one-off case, notifications have specifically been designed to keep you coming back. Social media companies are competing everyday to get most of your attention. When you don’t get a notification for a like for 5 minutes,you start thinking, “What did I do wrong? The picture I posted must be bad." and what follows is the inducement of an inferiority complex and self-doubt. I am, of course, generalising here, and this might not apply to everyone reading this. But notifications are a major reason for anxiety in a lot of people that use mobile phones today. In this day and age of mental health awareness and digital wellbeing concerns, notifications are one thing we can control, and we must.

    Notifications also prevent us from living in the moment, with a constant Fear of Missing Out. “What if something interesting happens on the internet and I’m off enjoying real life?” This is when you know you’ve had too much internet. Time to get off! :rolleyes:
    Kidding aside,when a thought like “I’ll miss something” crosses your mind and you think about postpoing your real world activity, just remind yourself of this fact: we still are in a world where physical interactions hold much more importance and significance than the virtual world. What @Bobbie63 is saying about the OnePlus CS on an online forum is definitely not so important that you risk missing an important moment in real life.
    What You can do?
    • Set priorities: Ask yourself: Do I need to read the good morning messages the uncle in my family group sends everyday, immediately? Do I really want to drop everything I’m doing, just to see a juicy conspiracy theory about Nothing being part of the BBK group? ...........................................................
      No. But,what if there is an emergency call, an urgent text message from a friend asking for help? This is where prioritising comes in. Take out some time and set up a priority list on your device using some of the tools I've mentioned below.​
    • Start Muting: When you’ve classified the various notifications on a scale from “WhatsApp forwards” to “Message asking for help in real life”, start muting or entirely turning off low priority notifications. Use the tools available in your device. Android has had Do Not Disturb mode for a while now. Use it. Even OnePlus’ own OxygenOS(not for long) offers Work-Life Balance settings, allowing you to turn off distracting notifications based on your current location, time of week, type of apps, and the network you are connected to. Different settings can be applied for “Life mode” and “Work Mode” as well. All of this will result in better productivity and less anxiety.​
    • Throw away your mobile phones: I’m kidding, don’t do that.(Just give them to me.)​

    Aaand that’s that. End of sermon.:rolleyes:
    Now, I would love to know, what are some situations in which you find notifications annoying, personally? (Unless, of course, you always find them annoying, in which case, mention that too!) What have you done to deal with them?
    Thanks for reading, have a lovely day.​
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  2. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 24, 2021

    Stickied Post
    McJader , Sep 24, 2021 :
    Using Work-Life Balance
    It may not be the simplest tool on your device, but it is a great one once you get a hang of it.
    Here's how to use it:
    • Set up a schedule for when you want to activate it. For example, I have it from 8am to 1pm on weekdays.
    • Next, you can add a WiFi connection and location for Work and Life, and when you connect to this network, it will be activated.
    • You can then add the apps you want to recieve notifications from. For example, I've added MS Teams, Gmail, Messages, Dialer in Work Mode, while in Life Mode, most notifications except social media apps like Telegram and Twitter are enabled. You can also disable/enable entire categories of apps like the Social Apps I've mentioned above.
    • You're all set! While this mode may be buggy at times, it usually works fine for me:p
    Using Do Not Disturb
    Here is everthing you need to know:
    • You can set it to turn on automatically for events like sleeping, or you can switch it on whenever you want.
    • Events can be totally customised to your prefernces like day, time, and which activities to be allowed.
    • Customising: You can set your notifications to not make a sound or even wake up your device, it is totally up to you. Acess this by going to 'Restrict Notifications' in Do Not Disturb settings.
    • You can set up exceptions to DND, where apps will make sound for notifications and other media.Here you can add contacts, and seperate settings for calls and messages, along with other apps and alarms.
    And that's all you need to know about these modes. I know it may sound a bit complex, but setting it up doesn't take longer than 15 minutes, and could give you the mental peace you need:D
    CC: @HarshKK14

  3. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Sep 22, 2021

  4. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

    McJader , Sep 22, 2021 :
    I have to agree, personally having issues with focusing, DND and W/L Balance helps a lot.
    Quite underrated sometimes IMHO

  5. Aaron2017
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2021

    Aaron2017 , Sep 22, 2021 :
    I used to be like this, still am sometimes. 5 minutes without a notification would result in me checking my wifi and mobile data because i thought something was wrong... Which is not good, and i'm glad i realized it. Now i've set it all up so only the people that need to reach me in case of an emergency can reach me at night, and only allowed the 3 messaging apps i use every day to notify me, besides some other apps i use frequently. Much better and saves some battery as well.

  6. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

    Bobbie63 , Sep 22, 2021 :
    Oi.....me talking about OnePlus CS is an important moment in anyone's real life.... :rolleyes:

  7. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

    McJader , Sep 22, 2021 :
    Maybe yours? Probably not:rolleyes:

  8. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

    McJader , Sep 22, 2021 :
    Heh, you sound like me in 2020 :p
    Glad that you could fix it.

  9. WakeAwake
    KitKat Sep 22, 2021

    WakeAwake , Sep 22, 2021 :
    well was @Yash Pratap Singh. the motivation for this thread then or was it @YRJ?.

    But i got your point like @Tokolozi suggested i do use scheduled DND during my work hours. Helps me concentrate on work more at times. Very helpful during wfh 😉

  10. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

  11. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

  12. WakeAwake
    KitKat Sep 22, 2021

    WakeAwake , Sep 22, 2021 :
    Wheres Scheduled DND, Uses Work life balance 🤔

  13. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Sep 22, 2021

  14. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Community Expert Sep 22, 2021

    Dresa91 , Sep 22, 2021 :
    I always mute my phone when I am at work:)

  15. WakeAwake
    KitKat Sep 22, 2021

  16. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

    McJader , Sep 22, 2021 :
    That's implied;)

  17. WakeAwake
    KitKat Sep 22, 2021

    WakeAwake , Sep 22, 2021 :
    What if someone from work calls?

  18. WakeAwake
    KitKat Sep 22, 2021

  19. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Sep 22, 2021

    YRJ , Sep 22, 2021 :
    You tagged me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  20. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Community Expert Sep 22, 2021

    Dresa91 , Sep 22, 2021 :
    Well… it’s my private phone with my private number :p
    If some calls me, it is on my work number :p

    And I starred some contacts and enabled the exception for calling :)

  21. McJader
    Marshmallow Sep 22, 2021

    McJader , Sep 22, 2021 :
    Are you tempted to look at it while working tho?:D