[Submitted] NOVA launcher - Google now companion stutter

  1. ram4life
    Gingerbread Mar 29, 2018

    ram4life , Mar 29, 2018 :
    swiping right to go to the google feed in nova launcher has a micro stutter to it. Was evident in open beta 4 as well.

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  2. Deactivated User
    Mar 31, 2018

  3. moonspeak
    Froyo Apr 17, 2018

    moonspeak , Apr 17, 2018 :
    I just updated to 5.1 and am noticing this now. It stutters as soon as you lift your finger. If you keep your finger on the screen the whole time as you slide all the way, you'll notice it doesn't stutters/lag.

    This was not an issue on 5.0.4. Very irritating bug for a feature that i use constantly. Makes me feel like I'm using an old crap phone.

    I doubt OnePlus will address this even if they could. We'll probably have to report it to the Nova devs, but they aren't very responsive to bug reports in my experience (I've reported many that they totally ignore...).

  4. mular
    Donut Apr 28, 2018

    mular , Apr 28, 2018 :
    Happens with other browsers (pixel launcher) so I would guess this is a OnePlus issue to be fixed.

    Your right though it's smooth until you lift your finger up

  5. bagl0312
    Froyo Apr 30, 2018

    bagl0312 , Apr 30, 2018 :
    Same problem for me with op5t after 5.1.1 update (it was smooth before),
    this is a bug introduced recently.
    I own also a OP3 and the same transition to the google feed is very smooth and satisfying !

    The OP5T seems a low profile and low performance phone due to this bug :(

  6. kevinzero
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    kevinzero , May 2, 2018 :
    Same issue here that only started after the 5.1.1 update.

    I was considering doing another factory reset to *maybe* fix it, but I just did one a month ago after finally getting the big Oreo update and don't really want to spend hours getting all my settings in every app 'right' so soon.

    Anyone know the most efficient way to request Nova to do something?

  7. Ulincsys
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    Ulincsys , May 2, 2018 :
    I have this issue as well, just updated to the Oreo release recently, only started happening afterwards. I've tested it on other Oreo handsets, and it only occurs with my 5t.

  8. lennartkroll
    Cupcake May 5, 2018

    lennartkroll , May 5, 2018 :
    Having the same issue after the update to 8.1. Really like the google now sidebar, but ended up deleting it for the moment because the lag is so annoying.

  9. Deactivated User
    May 6, 2018

  10. dave.3d24
    Gingerbread May 9, 2018

    dave.3d24 , May 9, 2018 :
    No matter how fast the phone is, this is the feature I use numerous times a day and this annoying issue makes this phone feels like $20 phone.

  11. kevinzero
    Cupcake May 10, 2018

  12. r_s_saini
    Donut May 16, 2018

    r_s_saini , May 16, 2018 :
    they'll fix after the 6 launches... lol jk jk they don't care

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