Now I understand why Oneplus Support pisses so many people off.

  1. mwayner
    Lollipop Oct 5, 2015

    mwayner , Oct 5, 2015 :
    Ever since I joined this place, I've been reading practically nothing but uncomplimentary things about Oneplus Customer Service. I'd tell myself, "Surely, they can't be that bad", while sincerely hoping never having to deal with them :D. Well folks, it's just possible that things are as bad as they say. Lemme give you my examples as to why I think these reps need to be retrained. A couple weeks ago, I opened a ticket, asking them to provide me with a valid tracking number, instead of the time stamp they associated with my delivery. I opened the ticket at ~1pm. The phone was delivered at 2pm, so I immediately informed them, via the ticket, and asked that it be closed. 30 minutes later, a rep responded with words to the effect that he was glad everything was OK and that the ticket would be closed. So ~2.5 hrs from opening to resolution. "Dunno what these folks are crying about. These guys ain't so bad.". Three days ago, I opened another ticket because of a screwy data cable. I wouldn't have even bothered with that if they had been listed in the store, but the only thing listed is a type C adapter. So I asked them what needed to be done to get another cable. In the meantime, mindful of their, CS's, reputation, I ordered cables and adapters from Ebay. This morning, not even a whiff of a response from CS. There is no way anyone can convince me that someone didn't read that ticket, see that it was an outstanding issue and move on to next one. This is an extremely stupid way of handling customers. Even if the rep doesn't have the time to address an issue, take a few seconds to C&P an acknowledgement of receipt of the ticket and maybe even say that prior tickets are being addressed so cool your heels for a bit, customer. Instead, the customer is left in the Land Of Limbo, wondering if these people even care about him, now that they've gotten their hands on his lucre. Now, I ain't pissed at them; a couple days ago, I fixed my cable with a tiny nylon brush I use on pcbs. It seems @Carl wasn't ummm..lying when he said the cables were flaky; the pins in the C connector have little tensile strength and so sometimes stay in position after the connector is unplugged. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Oneplus, get you *** in gear and do a better job of training and handling of customer issues! Believe me, it ain't that hard. I talk to you like a Dutch Uncle because I care. emoticon-0122-itwasntme.gif

    Sorry, there is no TL/DR version.:p

  2. Widiar
    Eclair Oct 5, 2015

    Widiar , Oct 5, 2015 :
    I really don't see any problem here, personally. Expecting ANY company to answer a support ticket within one day is just silly, unless you're paying excessive amounts to some company that is on hold for 24hours a day, to keep the gears running. Especially now when we're so close to the launch of OP2, the customer service must be absolutely flooding with more or less relevant tickets, hence they have announced it might be even 10 days before a reply in some cases. As far as I know, most have gotten their reply within 2-4 days, most of the time - gladly.

    You had two very reasonable contacts with the CS and now getting all hyped about 3rd because of a few day wait is (for me) just a bit naive.

    If we assume for example that there comes 100 tickets to certain customer service worker (which isn't even that much, during rush "hours"), using ONLY two minutes to read each of them and "reply something polite", would take 200 minutes. Meaning 3+ hours of your 8 hour work day is used just to say "hello, I am not doing anything here, just telling you how important you are and the universe loves you, you special snowflake. Let's be in touch!"

    I don't find that reasonable, really. The automation system tells you if/when the tickets are received, and as soon as somebody addresses it, they will let you know.

    It reminds me of the "why do I have to wait for 2 hours to get my winter tires changed, this is unacceptable!!¤%!!! I demand better customer service - and sure as hell will not pay more for it for you guys to hire another worker, cooz: I am a cheap bastard!" - talks we have here every single autumn after the first snow; when entitled people flood into repair shops screaming how they demand better service, because their time in life is somehow more important than anyone else's.

    Maybe it's just a matter of taste. I had an issue with my OPO (which ended into RMA) and I found the customer service to be very professional, reasonably fast and very polite. Then again, I am not expecting people to treat me like teenage girls treat Justin Bieber or retards treat the royalty.

    Sadly I am 99.99999% sure that if Oneplus would inform that they're gonna hire 10 more customer service people to send "we love you!" -messages to service ticket people - and put that cost into phones which would now be 5 euros more expensive, people would be enraged. Because people nowadays (most) are cheap as hell and whine about ads while refusing to pay one single euro for an android program that they use every single day, because: "I deserve it for free, as I am special.."

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  3. jennck
    Cupcake Oct 5, 2015

    jennck , Oct 5, 2015 :
    I have personally dealt with OP support and have received extremely helpful customer service. I have seen a lot of complaints, however my experiences have been good, especially considering time zone differences. I have mostly used chat, which maybe gives the edge to get support almost immediately and gets your issue on the radar for reponse?

  4. Naki757
    Donut Oct 5, 2015

  5. mwayner
    Lollipop Oct 5, 2015

    mwayner , Oct 5, 2015 :
    Oho_O? They manage to address one ticket in a matter of a couple hours and couple weeks later that can't be done within three days? Was that a fluke? Has ticket submissions exploded since then? Giveth me a break :rolleyes:. I'm not asking for resolution, but acknowledgement. Hell, even a semi-automated response is better than nothing.

  6. Widiar
    Eclair Oct 5, 2015

    Widiar , Oct 5, 2015 :
    If you rather think "ok, they just sit there and avoid doing work", that's your right of course. But that doesn't reflect reality very well, as most people still try to do their jobs the best they can. You might gotten lucky with the first ticket, as it was either a simple issue or just happened to arrive in a good time.

    Tickets are usually in this kind of situations organized by someone (or automatically, based on #tags and/or user selected category) and sent to certain individual, who knows best and most about it. Some categories might get 00 tickets a hour some days, some 10 a day. For example when people report certain "bug" here, 100 people might go and "test it" and then report it even if it was reported already.

    If you're wanting some (more?) automated "be still, working on it"-messages, maybe you should say that then? Instead of making it a huge deal, and trying to make the whole customer service look bad.

    You are obviously missing the fact that every ticket is different, and every day @ Oneplus (or any company) is different. Some days there might be 5 people there, some days there might be only 2, as 3 are doing something that is prioritized to be very important - based on forum input or any other factor.

    Nothing wrong with letting your customers know what is the situation and how are things going, but also customers are nowadays mostly entitled assholes, who have no manners and act like they are the very reason the earth was created.

  7. mwayner
    Lollipop Oct 5, 2015

    mwayner , Oct 5, 2015 :
    Did you actually read my post before you Pavlovian reaction? I never said their service was bad but that the process of addressing tickets could be improved. I'm not denigrating their professionalism, once the issue is being addressed. My issue is with the process by which submissions are handled. I'm sure they're all nice, competent people once the interaction starts but it's not cool to keep people hanging. Read the complaints posted from the beginning; the majority are by people expressing uncertainty and anxiety. Something that can be ameliorated by a change in process that, more than likely, costs nothing. You won't find a bigger Oneplus fan than me but that doesn't mean I won't talk about what I consider flaws in the process. Especially if it helps improve the perception of CS.

  8. Widiar
    Eclair Oct 5, 2015

    Widiar , Oct 5, 2015 :
    Indeed I did read them, many times even. And I am getting more sure that the issue is you and your very hostile attitude towards people, not the customer service. You totally lack skills to communicate with people without appearing hostile and arrogant. Every work hour by every worker "costs something", hence people should realize this and either be willing to pay that prize or get some sense of reality in their lives.

    If you have an excellent idea how the ticket handling should be done and what should be messaged (and when), just inform the customer service people, and if that's doable and reasonable, I am sure they will do just that. However, you should do it with positive attitude and in the spirit of "Hey guys, thanks for your good job, here are some ideas which might make your service even better, and your customers even more happy!".

    Currently you're just coming out as snob, and it's hard to maintain a neutral conversation if you keep that attitude.

    Cheers, Wid.

  9. hugogamelas
    Gingerbread Oct 5, 2015

  10. Adept21
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2015

    Adept21 , Dec 18, 2015 :
    Hi Hugogamelas,

    I saw your post about your indifference customers service and your spot on solutions why some tickets are not always dealt with in a timely fashion. Too busy launching new phones and chasing new customers, forgetting about their current unhappy customers. I am so glad, I not the only experiencing

    I brought a OPO 1/10/15 I've had problems with the touch screen, battery and microphone. sent loads of tickets to try and resolve it. I've spoken to about 12 different people, been through the so-called remote session (London to China) Remote!!!, which I refused due to privacy issues and no suitable device to carry out the above. I believe because of this, I was then handed out some very delayed responses from OP and very bad customers services, which is still very present today.

    My device has only really worked properly for only 4 days
    SHOCKING, but does OP care, answers on a postcard please.

    I've requested my money back within 14days at least twice but clearly that's not a viable request for OP and it's been unlawfully ignored. So after about 5 weeks of constantly sending out tickets and threats as well as asking for pictures of the 6 sides of the device, they gave up and agreed my device should be sent off.

    on 11/11/15 my device was sent off to Peterborough, arrived on 13/11/15 still awaiting any sort of dialogue from the FLAGSHIP KILLER/PATIENCE KILLER.

    sent 3 Tickets since 26/11/15, 22 days ago and ONEPLUS are failing me as a customer and others.

    I purchased this device through recommendation of a work colleague otherwise I wouldn't of ventured a device from china, which I wont again. I work as a Contractor for 02 in the busy Oxford Street stores (3) and I am constantly asked about phones, I'll leave it there !!!.

    I threatened to go to watchdog, The CEO, Trading Standards and so on, which I still intend to do, so the longer it takes the better for my case really. BUT DOES OP care, answers on a postcard please.

    NO CUSTOMERS, NO COMPANY (wonder if the CEO and partners are aware how theirs customers are been treated?)

    Live GOOD. 18/12/15

  11. snickpan
    Cupcake Dec 21, 2015

  12. Mike Ville
    Gingerbread Dec 24, 2015

    Mike Ville , Dec 24, 2015 :
    Hello to all. I was very excited when I started reading about OnePlus. (Oct. 2015) I really liked the OnePlusx and I tried to an invite and got one and placed my order. It arrived in 7-8 days. Right out of the box I noticed sd wasn't being seen in storage. But was in files. It wanted to do a OTA and I looked it up and it said the OTA would fix sd problems. The update failed and it never came back. Stuck in a recovery loop. I waited 7 days for the remote session to fail due to me not having Windows 7 or higher. I have XP. The phone made it to the UK today. Hoping for the best. Happy Holidays to All.

  13. Leighmn
    Cupcake Jan 8, 2016

    Leighmn , Jan 8, 2016 :
    Ordered in Oct and within days of receiving our first OP2, it was dropped and the screen cracked. CS was contacted and a RMA received. The trouble began when DHL never picked up the device. We've tried on numerous occasions to contact OP with NO resolution. So, we are in Jan 2016 and NOTHING from OP. I basically have a 400$ paperweight..

  14. viccino
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    IlMiSeR , Jan 14, 2016 :
    30 mins standing ovation