OEM USB Drivers

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  2. ezequielin2580
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    ezequielin2580 , Sep 4, 2014 :
    I was having trouble with ADB when I first got the phone, but Samsung drivers worked. Oh, OPO.

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    The problem with the drivers provided on win 8 and 10 is that they are not signed and you need to install them via advanced boot.

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    padeliosGiannis , Apr 7, 2017 :
    i started playing with android studio and im trying tou download and install oem usb drivers. can you help me?. im using windows 10

  6. v1adimir
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    v1adimir , Jun 3, 2020 :
    I'm assuming you'd meant to say "Oppo", seeing how OnePlus is their subdivision?..:)

    Anyway, my OnePlus 7T Pro has the drivers (already!) included on the device, as do others I imagine.

    About phone.jpg

    The way to access them is to connect via USB and then use the quick settings tile drop down menu:

    Under "Android System, USB debugging connected" (has to be enabled from Developer Options):

    Select: "Android System, Tap for more options."

    ... Then, from the USB Preferences there, select: "File Transfer".

    USB file transfer.jpg USB File Transfer (2).jpg

    Once this is complete, you'll be able to see a folder in your Windows File Explorer: "CD Drive (drive_letter) OnePlus Drivers" and you can launch "OnePlus_USB_Drivers_Setup.exe" in order to install the USB drivers.. that's all there is to it! :)

    Windows File Explorer.png

    ZIP archive and unfortunately the forum upload limit is 2 MB, so it's uploaded to some 3rd party hosts; here's a Pastebin link, with the upload "oneplus_drivers.zip" 17.8 MB (18,757,088 bytes): https://pastebin.com/2fzsKPX6


    Here's the file information from the "CD Drive (drive_letter) OnePlus Drivers" folder and I believe that there isn't a way to confirm this, as OnePlus has *not* published this information (that I know of :)). I'm providing it so that others can examine, the files are 100% original /legit.

    This is from OnePlus 7T Pro, HD1913, Global ROM: device purchased in Belgrade, Serbia. Current update showing is: "Android security patch level March 1, 2020", "Oxygen OS 10.0.8.HD01AA", also made a screenshot of this!..:)

    Files are as following, five (5) in total, combined file size: 18,905,678 (NOT size on disk, but ACTUAL size):

    794 bytes (794 bytes)
    Name: adb_config_Linux_OSX.sh
    Size: 794 bytes
    SHA1: CEAE349931046E699B19B16B7DD3F441037C2DFF
    6.23 MB (6,538,856 bytes)
    Name: AndroidFileTransfer(OSX).dmg
    Size: 6538856 bytes (6385 KiB)
    SHA1: 850007412794C4BE35BFD4991BF9E3B931F9DAF4
    97 bytes (97 bytes)
    Name: autorun.inf
    Size: 97 bytes
    SHA1: C89C7F21541243D26516A640EB683765C47D4877
    44.0 KB (45,056 bytes)
    Name: OnePlus_setup.exe
    Size: 45056 bytes (44 KiB)
    SHA1: A3F9965E7F6252BF70F1945B7139FE8A086A76FE
    11.7 MB (12,320,875 bytes)
    Name: OnePlus_USB_Drivers_Setup.exe
    Size: 12320875 bytes (11 MiB)
    SHA1: 3DB14440DB9BF8B8569A92F69B8FE053269AF7C4

    + Mirror of all screenshots, in case there will be something wrong with the forum uploads:

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