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  1. sahil_starrh
    Honeycomb Jul 6, 2016

  2. Daktak
    Cupcake Jul 6, 2016

  3. Cool Droid
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 7, 2016

    Cool Droid , Jul 7, 2016 :
    Is anyone running DU on their OPO around here somewhere? Or having any device which has official DU support and you're on DU? I need some stuff from it, if someone can help, it'd be great!
    PM me if you're willing to.
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  4. Jitesh Saitawadekar
    KitKat Jul 7, 2016

    Jitesh Saitawadekar , Jul 7, 2016 :
    Same as RR rom it has all the features mentioned above plus additional features under configurations just that i don't want OMNI Switch & Ad Blocker it's not removable with App remover feature :(

  5. jansvanda
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2016

    jansvanda , Jul 7, 2016 :
    can you tell me what theme is it on the screenshot ? :) #GetDirty

  6. Cool Droid
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 7, 2016

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  7. jansvanda
    Honeycomb Jul 8, 2016

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  8. Cool Droid
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 9, 2016

    Cool Droid , Jul 9, 2016 :
    New build up, DU v10.4 (~˘▾˘)~
    Get it here.
    - Update to Android 6.0.1_r54
    - Update SuperSU to v2.76 stable release
    - Lots of translations
    - Lots of changes and fixes to DU Certified
    - SmartBar/Fling clear notifications action
    - SmartBar/Fling volume panel action
    - SmartBar editor action
    - Add a visual cue when editing SmartBar
    - Reset SmartBar button animation/pressed state when cancelled
    - Add SmartBar save/restore profiles
    - Add a visual cue when editing SmartBar
    - Add volume tones back
    - Add volume dialog timeout
    - Fixed WiFi not saving bug
    - Add edit action for screenshot notification
    - Add support for gestures on certain devices
    - Add draw stroke width support to Screenshot Crop/Share
    - Add blur feature to Screenshot Crop/Share
    - Add launcher mode to OmniSwitch
    - OmniSwitch launcher mode day 0 fixes
    - Fix a glitch causing shadow not to be reset when header disabled
    - Fix one more misbehaving shadow
    - Fixed storage permission issue for attachments
    - Fix playback for mkv files with lacing
    - Cleaned house in Dirty Tweaks, layout fixes
    - Clean up System app remover
    - Clean up and fix potential NPE's in Recents
    - Move DU logo under statusbar items
    - Add missing INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission
    - Adding NullPointerException check in DocumentsUI
    - Add new Theme Provider icon
    - Remove unneeded top margin in QS tuner
    - Set zygote process priority to -20 to speed up VM startup time
    - Call eglReleaseThread in threadLoop for bootanimation
    - Enable single tap rebinding for hwkey back and home
    - Support MPEG4 codec in Matroska files
    - Pass AAC profile from MatroskaExtractor
    - Adds some parsing capability
    - Support HEVC tracks in Matroska containers
    - Remove charging from persisted function composition
    - Expose extended statusbar shadow values for themers
    - Use correct read/write perms for provider
    - Update controls preview to properly render themed assets
    - Apply band-aid to ensure theme provider preview permissions are correct
    - Use proper API for Fling dialog handling and make them cancelable
    - Add API to get detailed state of DeviceIdleController
    - Create configurable default expanded desktop style

    Device specific changes :
    - Pulse 2.0
    - SEPolicy fixes, better stability overall
    - Battery life improvements
    - Can now change SELinux mode to enforcing (by default ships with permissive)
    Custom kernels are working now, you can flash if you want, no support will be provided by dev if custom kernels/xposed/etc stuff is being used.
    Note : For boeffla kernel to work, you need the latest anykernel version of boeffla. Older versions will NOT work and will give bootloops.
    Note again : DU v10.4 fully supports Arcus' instant patching mode, so for that to work, a clean flash is really necessary. Clean install of latest Arcus version is necessary.
    Even if you aren't gonna use Arcus or don't know what it is, a clean flash is highly recommended because there're many under the hood fixes/patches/changes to theme engine stuff for Arcus instant patching to work.
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  9. laurboss
    Honeycomb Jul 9, 2016

    laurboss , Jul 9, 2016 :
    Did you try it yet? :D

  10. jansvanda
    Honeycomb Jul 9, 2016

    jansvanda , Jul 9, 2016 :
    @Cool Droid
    Is DU compatible with AK kernel? i would like to have more SoT
    and DO i NEED to clean install ? that means to wipe 'everything' (sys,data,cache,dalvik) but can i just wipe sys without data and flash rom+gapps? do i get FC then?

    after flashing OOS AK kernel in twrp i get bootloop..
    should i download the CM13 or the OOS kernel -?
    thank you a lot
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  11. Cool Droid
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 11, 2016

    Cool Droid , Jul 11, 2016 :
    Clean flash is recommended for DU v10.4. If you wanna confirm what clean flash is, read instructions in first post of thread.
    If by AK you mean boeffla's anykernel version, please call it anykernel because AK is a different thing.
    You'll have to mail boeffla and get the anykernel kernel's link. You've to flash the CM13 anykernel, not OOS one which is why it gave you bootloop.

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  12. jansvanda
    Honeycomb Jul 11, 2016

    jansvanda , Jul 11, 2016 :
    already flashed anykernel which i got from the email he sent And flashed with oos

  13. DJSubterrain
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 12, 2016

    DJSubterrain , Jul 12, 2016 :
    I'm testing both and yes, it does work and is very nice and smooth.

    Clean flash of both would obviously be the best.

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  14. pkair
    Honeycomb Jul 12, 2016

    pkair , Jul 12, 2016 :
    Clean flashed. Love the ROM so far. All apps crash after I open and close them and then everything works fine. No crashes any more. That Radius theme tho!!!

  15. Cool Droid
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 12, 2016

    Cool Droid , Jul 12, 2016 :
    Nothing like crashes here, maybe you were using titanium backup? But good it's gone now haha :D
    You should check other themes of Andre too, God for me in the land of CMTE themes.

    Thanks :)
    Everyone can PM me their suggestions regarding the opening posts in thread, I'm happy to make the thread more and more user-friendly.

  16. pkair
    Honeycomb Jul 13, 2016

    pkair , Jul 13, 2016 :
    No I never use any backups because I dont mind downloading few apps again and again. I always format everything before I flash any new rom as I dont use much. No social networks, just music and camera and of course call and text. I used DU gapps maybe something going on in it but well it happened only on first load of apps and then no issues/crashes so I can live with that :D

  17. jansvanda
    Honeycomb Jul 13, 2016

    jansvanda , Jul 13, 2016 :
    yes but battery life isnt much better or?

  18. christopher78
    Honeycomb Jul 17, 2016

    christopher78 , Jul 17, 2016 :
    Hi, is this rom stable?, I'm on Resurrection Remix but i don't have a good battery life, does this rom has theme tiles like on RR if not is it compatible with C-apps as DU is based on AOSP

  19. Cool Droid
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 17, 2016

    Cool Droid , Jul 17, 2016 :
    You can switch to DU, good battery life and yeah theme tile is there.

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  20. christopher78
    Honeycomb Jul 17, 2016

    christopher78 , Jul 17, 2016 :
    Thanks and also does this ROM include kcal settings(for changing saturation settings...) If not I would install boeffla kernel do I need to flash boeffla kernel directly after the Gapps(without reboot) or let it boot then flash it