Battery/Charging One plus 5t Mobile Not charging

  1. Sridharb90
    Cupcake Feb 24, 2020

    Sridharb90 , Feb 24, 2020 :
    Hai .. yesterday night onward my mobile not getting charged, While i connect my Oneplus5T mobile to charger mobile not charging. and i checked my charging cable & dash charger to other mobile the charger is working properly.also i cleaned my charging port & again i connected to charger mobile not charging.

  2. 856shailesh
    Donut Feb 24, 2020

  3. Y1582580539616
    Cupcake Feb 24, 2020

    Y1582580539616 , Feb 24, 2020 :
    That's no answer! I have the same problem. Last night I put mine on charge and this morning my OnePlus 5T will no longer charge. You say book a repair at the nearest service center. Where is the nearest service center and what kind of service center. A bonafied OnePlus service center? Is there such a thing? Do I have to book a flight to China? Or, are there other possibilities such as a software or firmware issue such as the one that Plagued the OnePlus One?
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