one plus 6 10.3.0 update SUCKS!!!

  1. O1525518071195
    Donut Dec 28, 2019

    O1525518071195 , Dec 28, 2019 :
    First of all. All the feature update not so great that alot have been sacrifice.
    1. Device so laggy
    2. Battery sucks
    3. There is gap in keyboard when using navigation gestures and make typing experience sucks
    4. The most ugly part is. When I got in my car. I got my wifi lock in my dashcam. And usually my mobile data got active ottomaticly. Now I must turn of the wifi to connect to my dash cam. It's so damn suck
    5. Lots of my game That error after update.
    6. My whats app when Im in gaming mode. When there's call there no sound at all. And all call experiences so damn annoying

    Please downgrade the update. It's Sucks.

    Is there no trial or something when you oneplus guy decides to publish it??????

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  2. Bilalazeem54
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 28, 2019

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  3. T1544935424490
    Cupcake Dec 29, 2019

    T1544935424490 , Dec 29, 2019 :
    There are two points that you need to pay attention to after upgrading to android 10 :

    1) go to "Settings" - "WI-FI & the Internet" - go to the list of wi-fi networks, find your network, press and hold until a menu appears, select "Modify" - select "Advanced options", scroll down and select "Use device MAC" in the "Privacy" section.
    By default, is selected there "Use randomized MAC". This may prevent the phone from connecting to the WIFI network.

    2) the MAC address of the phone has changed! If you have a router with access to your wifi network at the MAC address, then you need to add this new address of your phone to the list of allowed. You can see the new address in "Settings" - "About phone" - "Status" - "WIFI MAC Address".

    Good luck!

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  5. O1525518071195
    Donut Dec 29, 2019

    O1525518071195 , Dec 29, 2019 :
    Oh ya? How to downgrade? Can you teach me? Thanks alot before.

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  6. O1525518071195
    Donut Dec 29, 2019

    O1525518071195 , Dec 29, 2019 :
    Roger that. Tha kz Lot sir

  7. sutanshu
    Gingerbread Dec 29, 2019

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  8. fcn
    Eclair Dec 29, 2019

    fcn , Dec 29, 2019 :
    Have you tried with a factory reset?
    I have the same Oos and I am not experiencing all these troubles.

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  9. O1525518071195
    Donut Dec 29, 2019

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  10. p51d007
    KitKat Dec 30, 2019

  11. O1525518071195
    Donut Dec 30, 2019

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