One Plus 6 Camera

  1. Jay Vasa Eclair Aug 10, 2018

    Jay Vasa, Aug 10, 2018 :
    I am not satisfied with the camera still why the pictures are so much densed and blurry after click and again on potrait mode the blurr effect is making more noisy click and not phase focus.I have been posting again and again but i am not getting proper response and i have been part of family from so long back in one plus 3 for almost 23 months but the images are not that saturated please improve the needful


  2. anesh007 Honeycomb Aug 10, 2018

  3. izzykasha KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    izzykasha, Aug 10, 2018 :
    first off if you have been with oneplus for all this time how do you not know that all the people here are phone owners and enthusiasts like yourself but not oneplus developers!!!

    why rant here you should already know how to contact oneplus with issues/bugs and feedback !!

  4. Jay Vasa Eclair Aug 10, 2018

    Jay Vasa, Aug 10, 2018 :
    i have posted it for third time regarding camera even in detail
    back in my OP3 the picturea were clear and build in proper pixel density no distilled view and blurry

  5. izzykasha KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    izzykasha, Aug 10, 2018 :
    no developers here !!!! oneplus will not read this an act upon it !!!!

    I mean you can't even use reply option in a forum I'm not surprised you can't take photos properly

  6. X1533234966405 Cupcake Aug 10, 2018

    X1533234966405, Aug 10, 2018 :
    the same Here ...
    i love the phone it self, but honestly ... i gonna Change .
    One of the most things i use os câmera.
    i had a p20, and it was fantástic, then i sell it to buy OP6 and ok, ivlove the design, Amoled screen.

    I gonna wait for Next update, if it they change some things on camera software i stay with it

  7. Jay Vasa Eclair Aug 10, 2018

    Jay Vasa, Aug 10, 2018 :
    I know how to connect and btw i am a part of one plus family from the starting point and except one plus x my family own every model of one plus so i just wanna make a clear statement to community about it
    And btw they have sold one million unit enough for everyone to see my post

  8. izzykasha KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    izzykasha, Aug 10, 2018 :
    Shane I'd advise not believing hype and not buying for a couple of months until all issues are shown in the forum, oneplus have never quite for it right with the camera I wish they would partner up with a major camera manufacturer.

    anyway I hope you and the original poster have raise bug reports to go to oneplus staff otherwise no pressure is being applied.

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  9. izzykasha KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    izzykasha, Aug 10, 2018 :
    congrats u used reply, ok so you agree you post is redundant and just a moan and that you failed to use search to add to the major camera threads.

    So basically have you raised a bug report with oneplus? if so share the link so others can read the progress

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  10. Jay Vasa Eclair Aug 10, 2018

    Jay Vasa, Aug 10, 2018 :
    Dear friend i dont wanna show off as a professional photographer but i have been in taking pictures from long and knows what the climate and camera loves in there frequency
    i have dslr also so i can't compare that to op6 so better dont make a complex statement

  11. izzykasha KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    izzykasha, Aug 10, 2018 :

    so share your bug report you have raised

    like I said you can create a moan thread but if you don't actually contact oneplus about it, nothing will happen.

    and if you are a professional photographer for a start you would be able to help Oneplus in your bug report and secondly you would be using pro mode which those pictures are definitely not shot in.

    no professional photographer would ever point and shoot

  12. Jay Vasa Eclair Aug 10, 2018

    Jay Vasa, Aug 10, 2018 :
    the community over here is just to make user aware about whats the issue and i already have contacted the one plus about that dont need your kindness to make it count
    thank you

  13. izzykasha KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    izzykasha, Aug 10, 2018 :
    there are rules to the forum as I am sure you are aware being a long term member

    So look at point 3 of the terms of the forum below and please tell us all why you didn't search all the thousands of camera threads and add to one of those rather than create a new duplicate thread for the unpaid moderators to now clear up !! congratulations on creating work for these kind volunteers!!


    3. To avoid duplicating content, search similar threads before posting or creating a new discussion

    New joiners and normal users are strongly advised to use search function before starting a new discussion. Other members may have already shared about the specific subject or addressed the question you are about to ask. If you post a thread that is very similar to already posted ones, it may get merged or closed by the moderation team.

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  14. script Marshmallow Moderator Aug 10, 2018

    script, Aug 10, 2018 :




    I took 3 pictures, quick and dirty, with different OnePlus phones.

    For me the op6 pic is good. All with the stock app in full auto.

  15. shoaibkhan996 Froyo Aug 10, 2018

  16. NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams, Aug 10, 2018 :

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  17. MikeMp Honeycomb Aug 10, 2018

    MikeMp, Aug 10, 2018 :
    so what is this forum for?

    why do you people keep lying that OnePlus team does not see the threads on this forum?

    or maybe you yourself have no idea. from today onwards, get to know that OnePlus company sees what we post here.

    stop saying useless things to customers who have genuine complaints.

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  18. izzykasha KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    izzykasha, Aug 10, 2018 :
    ok show me a post in the forum with a reply from a developer?

    Bug hunting requests go on the link below - these go to actual oneplus staff and developers picking up bug reports and are the best way to get direct contact for providing logs etc


    Complaints and suggestions go here

    www.oneplus.com/support (contact us section)

    this is the advice I give to all and it's correct so either they listen to it or they don't I don't mind

    Yes the threads specifically started by oneplus employees for surveys and feedbacks they are great for getting things off chests but the rest of the posts are being seen and answered by oneplus phone users/enthusiasts only.

    that's why it's call a community a community of oneplusers so for simple fix device we all help each other out as you can see from my post history, best answers etc etc

    But to get to actual oneplus staff do the above advice or even make a fuss on social media

    Enjoy don't destroy xxx

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  19. Gowri17 Honeycomb Aug 10, 2018

    Gowri17, Aug 10, 2018 :
    claps... u are exactly correct

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  20. izzykasha KitKat Aug 10, 2018

    izzykasha, Aug 10, 2018 :
    so you have had a response from oneplus staff on one of your threads or comment offering help and assistance from the forum?

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