one plus 6 not receiving any text messages via OnePlus 6

  1. F1565288205695
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

    F1565288205695 , via OnePlus 6 , Dec 3, 2019 :
    I have been using my one plus 6 for a well over a year and never had a problem. However for the last 3 days, I'm have not being able to get any SMS text messages from anyone. but I am able to send text text messages. Anyone have any solution for this??

  2. drl431
    Lollipop Dec 3, 2019

    drl431 , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Assuming you did not make changes to your phone 3 days ago, you should contact your network provider.

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  3. MichaelRamsey
    Cupcake Dec 4, 2019

    MichaelRamsey , Dec 4, 2019 :
    Mine did this a while back. What I did to fix it was remove the sim card and put it in a spare phone for a couple of seconds and the texts will go to that phone. Then put the sim back in the OnePlus and it should work again like normal.

    Changing APN's seem to fix slow downs too. The two options I have, both work fine.

  4. F1565288205695
    Cupcake Dec 5, 2019

    F1565288205695 , via OnePlus 6 , Dec 5, 2019 :
    I have solved this issue for now by factory resetting the phone.

  5. rebeccapowell
    Cupcake Dec 6, 2019

    rebeccapowell , Dec 6, 2019 :
    Since you aren't receiving any messages, your phone must probably get jammed w.r.to., SMS app.

    > Try rebooting your device for once
    > If it's not working still, ensure if the SMSC number of your carrier is entered. If not, search for it on the web page of your carrier and get it done.

    You're good to go now!