Other One Plus 7 Pro: The worst after sales service

  1. anurag181294
    Froyo Aug 2, 2021

    anurag181294 , Aug 2, 2021 :
    My device had water damage and all and it was sent for repair

    I kept calling for status update but nothing was update until

    Last updated on One plus Care App??
    13.7.21 - It has been taken up for diagnosis, that is it,

    15.7.21 - I called and was told a new excuse and was assured that I shall get it by 20th 100%

    17.7.21 - I called to raise a complain and my complain was taken and I was asked to wait for 48 hours to get a response

    Since then no update, no calls and nothing,

    22.7.21 - I called customer care again today and

    ""I was informed the service center is closed since 7 days for reason unknown, which I was not informed at all all the previous time I have had called

    Also informed complain team advised me to wait for the device to be fixed and they CANNOT help, this is a proper response to a complain? Are you kidding me?""

    26.7.21 - My device was MOVED to another service centre and I had an estimation which I approved,

    26.7.21 - The Engineer is awaiting a part before he can fix my device.

    Thats it, since then I have been waiting and calling customer care is useless because they have no idea how long it will take

    SO I paid for a premium device and I understand the pandemic has slowed down things but its been a month now and still no proper work has been done?
    Not to mention, I was constantly lied, reassured and promised things that never happened
    and this is the first time a complaint team has not even reached me to discuss the issue
    All these days I was being bluffed by people from customer care that the device is being worked on while the center was closed, until it was moved to a new center

    One plus you have lost somebody who has bought every single device ,

    a fan boy that is no more a fan!

    Device : One plus 7 Pro

  2. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Aug 2, 2021

    Tokolozi , Aug 2, 2021 :
    Never be a fanboy is my advice.

    Anyways, maybe a moderator @camohan can check the case for you.

  3. nerdkabir
    Jelly Bean Aug 2, 2021

  4. Z1612187578731
    Gingerbread Aug 3, 2021