One plus 8 pro issues via OnePlus 8 Pro

  1. Divey.yadav
    Cupcake Jul 28, 2020

    Divey.yadav , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jul 28, 2020 :

    From last one week, I am facing a lot of problems in my one plus 8 pro phone.

    1. The power button is not working. I keep it pressed but I don't get the option of restarting or switching off the phone.
    2. The phone remains in blue tooth mode, even when the blue tooth is off and no device is connected to the phone.
    3. There is no sound when I play a video on YouTube, if on a video call and on speaker mode no sound.
    4. Videos are not playing in my gallery. My phone captured videos.
    5. If I am playing any video on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube the video is running in slow motion.

    Please help! It's not the kind of experience one expects after spending 55,000 INR.

    Now I have started to think I made a huge mistake, should not have bought this phone.

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  2. B_Wrath
    Nougat Jul 28, 2020

    B_Wrath , Jul 28, 2020 :
    What changed 1 week before? Did you install any new app or tried anything new?
    Try a factory reset.

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  3. Divey.yadav
    Cupcake Jul 28, 2020

  4. B_Wrath
    Nougat Jul 28, 2020

    B_Wrath , Jul 28, 2020 :
    Since you seem to have quite a lot of problems, back up your data, factory reset your phone and set it up as new.

    Install apps only which you trust.

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  5. Divey.yadav
    Cupcake Jul 28, 2020

  6. SteveCP
    Jelly Bean Jul 29, 2020

  7. Divey.yadav
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2020

    Divey.yadav , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Aug 4, 2020 :
    Thanks, also I am trying to download the Samsung music app to my phone. So that I can listen to music in my Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. But I am unable to download the app. Any recommendations?

  8. Divey.yadav
    Cupcake Aug 6, 2020

    Divey.yadav , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Aug 6, 2020 :
    Trust me, I have been facing a lot of issues on the phone. Now I have the complete sim network. But I can not make calls. Neither I am receiving calls. And I feel a bit lag while switching through apps. Its volume goes down on its own and when I have let it to the maximum, still the ring volume is quite low. I am having a really bad experience with one plus 8 pro. Don't know whom to contact.

  9. Eric R86 , via OnePlus Community App , Aug 7, 2020 :
    The issues and problems run deep. And it's not just hardware or software. My 8pro would randomly Qualcomm crashdump and then it would stop. Then it wouldn't boot anything except the crashdump. The first time it happened I was told I would get a call for remote session. I called and called for three weeks straight and never got a remote session. Then they tell me I have to mail it in. So I do. Two weeks ago by and I get my "fixed" 8pro, guess what ? It did the same thing. So I call and try to set up a remote session, four days later no call. I finally get the remote session and guess what, there own programmer doesnt work . Needless to say I'm still without my phone. I've got a $1100 paperweight and I haven't even gotten the chance to brick it. Hell I've not been able to even boot the phone up for more time than it's been bricked.