One plus 8 screen flickering via OnePlus 8

  1. sylvester almeida
    Eclair Jun 28, 2020

    sylvester almeida , via OnePlus 8 , Jun 28, 2020 :
    Hello guys , i recived my one plus 8 yesterday and its an excellent device nothing to complain about. Camera has a huge scope for improvement in coming updates though. While i was using Chrome when ever i open a page the screen flickers one single time changing the colour a little dim on a dark colour page . As soon as i give a tap the screen comes to its natural colour . After hearing the display issues of many one plus 8 and 8 pro customers is this some screen issue or just a software issue? Please enlighten me . Thank you for your time !!

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  2. EthanMaskie
    Eclair Jun 28, 2020

    EthanMaskie , via OnePlus 8 , Jun 28, 2020 :
    I got my OnePlus 8 yesterday and I am facing a similar issue with the browser as you mentioned.

    Now that we're on this topic, would you mind checking something for me? Because I see a bit of a line running across my phone's screen when playing games in landscape mode. I have checked this with Clash of Clans and Real Racing 3. Incase you face this issue, reply back here to make it known to the Devs.

  3. sylvester almeida
    Eclair Jun 28, 2020

    sylvester almeida , via OnePlus 8 , Jun 28, 2020 :
    I don't see any display issue while playing coc or other games . Only the display is flickering while using dark themed apps or any other dark background . Hopefully it gets resolved in coming updates. What do you think?

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  4. EthanMaskie
    Eclair Jun 29, 2020

    EthanMaskie , via OnePlus 8 , Jun 29, 2020 :
    Hi. So after doing a little digging through a few forums yesterday, it turns out that the line appears only if graphics optimization is enabled in game space. Once I turned that off, the line went away.

    The chrome issue still persists though. I hope this gets fixed in a future update.

  5. sylvester almeida
    Eclair Jul 1, 2020

    sylvester almeida , via OnePlus 8 , Jul 1, 2020 :
    Hello . finally a relief lol . I tried to fix the issue i was was sure its a software bug so while i was going through the settings i dont know what came across my mind i just tried changing the display to 60hz and opened Chrome the flickering waa still there but as soon as i changed the displayed to 90hz boom the flickering has stopped bro [e]1f525[/e] just try this once and let me know.

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  6. ortaliz
    Cupcake Jul 2, 2020

    ortaliz , via OnePlus 8 , Jul 2, 2020 :
    You are a life saver!