One plus 8T Bluetooth not working

  1. StefanStark
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 11, 2020

  2. minuszero
    Cupcake Dec 12, 2020

    minuszero , Dec 12, 2020 :
    I'm seeing the same issue with my OnePlus 8T and my Car. Other bluetooth headphones work just fine but when connected to the car, it disconnects and reconnects every 5-10 minutes.

    Out of interest and to try and see if there's a pattern between people who do and don't have the issue, What make and year car do you have (To see if it's a specific compatibility issue), do you have contact sharing enabled and do you have any other bluetooth devices connected?

    So in my case it's a 2014 Volkswagen with contact sharing enabled and my Android Wear watch connected at the same time.


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  4. rajeevkrishnanv
    Froyo Dec 12, 2020


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