One Plus One Invite Contest(20 hrs left)

  1. thedeatheater
    Gingerbread Dec 6, 2014

    thedeatheater , Dec 6, 2014 :
    I have an extra invite to give but you have to win the contest for it.
    The invite will be TOTALLY FREE provided you win the contest.

    Step 1: Like my post. I am not asking any money but just click of a button. This is necessary if you want the invite.

    Step 2: Answer this question. 20 hours left for invite to expire. All levels allowed.

    X started out as a hardware engineer at Y. He eventually headed the Blu-Ray division of the company Y, which had considerable success. Finally, he changed to marketing division of a new product launched by Y. The new product was positioned as a premium brand for ladies, and sold well in South-East Asian countries. But X was still unsatisfied with it, so he left Y after 15 years of working there and started his own company with a same kind of product named Z. Z went on to become a huge success and eventually disrupted its market to such an extent that people agreed to break their iPhones to get Z for 1 US dollar.

    Identify X, Y,Z.

    In order to get invite all the answers must be correct. PM me the answers only after you are sure. I will give you only 2 chances. The first person to get everything correct will get the invite. If I am not online just PM your email address I will send it to you.

    No one will ask for invite directly. You have to win the contest.
    Earn your invite and never settle.

  2. thedeatheater
    Gingerbread Dec 6, 2014

  3. pradeepsraj
    Gingerbread Dec 6, 2014

  4. arashpreetsinghmor
    Froyo Dec 6, 2014

  5. pradeepsraj
    Gingerbread Dec 6, 2014

  6. thedeatheater
    Gingerbread Dec 6, 2014

  7. igeekyayush
    KitKat Dec 6, 2014

    igeekyayush , Dec 6, 2014 :
    Good luck everyone.

    Also guys participate in Invite Contest. You will one Invite for sure

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  8. manuh93
    Eclair Dec 6, 2014

    manuh93 , Dec 6, 2014 :
    X - Pete Lau
    Y - Oppo
    Z - One Plus One

    really really need an invite. trying to get my hands on this beast
    Just Award me , bless me, give me those super powers, make me invincible by sharing that invite.


  9. pradeepsraj
    Gingerbread Dec 6, 2014

  10. rohitriz
    Eclair Dec 6, 2014

  11. thedeatheater
    Gingerbread Dec 6, 2014

    thedeatheater , Dec 6, 2014 :
    Sorry man you just missed out.
    Happy to see so many people get it correct. Shows that the real fans of OPO are here.
    If I get more invites I will share here only and not on some random Facebook group.

  12. manuh93
    Eclair Dec 8, 2014

    manuh93 , Dec 8, 2014 :

    got it . don'y worry

  13. shyam_nith
    Donut Dec 13, 2014