One Plus or T-Mobile USA?

  1. D.o.E Gingerbread Nov 5, 2018

    D.o.E, Nov 5, 2018 :
    I had it for 12 hours and returned it. It was behind the op release OUT OF THE BOX . I think having the latest , greatest and smoothest software is more important for me than getting $10 a month . That's why I don't buy galaxy phones(locked - no custom os) . T-mo version ruins the strongest selling point of OP for me .

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  2. Kxfy Eclair Nov 5, 2018

    Kxfy, Nov 5, 2018 :
    I owned one T mobile 6T,

    I don't see any of the T mobile bloatware on my device
    The T mobile boot screen is annoying
    And also the updates is control by T mobile. As those buy directly from op is already on 9.0.2 whereas TM user are still on 9.

    But who cares, paying for 280 on this device. I cool with it since ima going to unlock the bootloader, root it and get a custom rom.

    Pain is i traded in one of my op one for the 6t.

  3. X1541438879687 Cupcake Nov 5, 2018

    X1541438879687, Nov 5, 2018 :
    There's no bloatware on the T-mobile version.

  4. william341 Donut Nov 5, 2018

  5. jerrymilton Jelly Bean Nov 5, 2018

    jerrymilton, Nov 5, 2018 :
    More like $320 with tax and upgrade fee. Notice no VoLTE ? No Beta as well .