OnePlus 2.0 - The Next Step of Our Journey

  1. anupz
    Eclair Oct 15, 2021

    anupz , via OnePlus 7 , Oct 15, 2021 :
    The vision may be better but Integration with color OS , I have a bad feeling about this. Oneplus is becoming the next oppo and leaving the unique ness of oneplus.

  2. conper
    Cupcake Oct 15, 2021

  3. kãräñ_90564
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 16, 2021

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  4. 塔希尔
    Cupcake Oct 17, 2021

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  5. H1631251838548
    Cupcake Oct 17, 2021

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  6. M1570782818835
    Cupcake Oct 17, 2021

  7. Shoaaib
    Eclair Oct 17, 2021

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  8. JithuMohan83
    Froyo Oct 17, 2021

    JithuMohan83 , via OnePlus 7 , Oct 17, 2021 :
    This is a protest against the bringing of Color OS into OnePlus devices. The only USP of OnePlus devices was the clean and minimal , close to stock android operating system- Oxygen OS. No user is happy with the departure of Oxygen OS and the forced introduction of Color OS. Let's try to convince OnePlus that this is not what the users want by using these hashtags #bringbackoxygenos #wewantoxygenos . Let's try and start a revolution. Let's try our best.

    Dear OnePlus, no offense but you better listen to your customers or this will probably be the starting of your ending.

  9. Artemus
    Junior Moderator, Community Hero 2020 Junior Moderator Oct 17, 2021

    Artemus , Oct 17, 2021 :
    Why not give it a chance? It might work out better than you think.

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  10. Rakshith459
    Cupcake Oct 18, 2021

    Rakshith459 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 18, 2021 :
    That's it from OnePlus for me this news is the worst news and I will be switching over to iphone thanks for one plus journey which started at one plus 1 , 3t , 5t , 7pro and will end at 7pro.

  11. kãräñ_90564
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2021

    kãräñ_90564 , Oct 18, 2021 :
    OnePlus downfall started...

    OxygenOs 11 - Copy of Samsung OneUi.
    OxygenOs 12 - Copy of Oppo ColorOs.

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  12. CalystaLadd , via OnePlus 9 Pro T-Mobile , Oct 18, 2021 :
    I'll likely never go back to Apple. They are just too greedy. The Google Pixel 6 phones are being announced tomorrow, and T-Mobile will have both models, and all indications are they will both be rather aggressively priced.

    I had seriously considered a Pixel phone before, as they have the best camera software of probably any phone anywhere, have a lot of features that the other Android versions don't have, and the Pixel 6's will have the all new Tensor chip, making use of Google's advanced machine intelligence to make the phone a truly custom experience. I also really like the new UI so far. It's a big leap forward for Android.

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  13. subhen_swagata
    Donut Oct 19, 2021

    subhen_swagata , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 19, 2021 :
    I had purchased one plus for Oxygen Os. I think One plus mobile well known ed in world market for Oxygen os. I am very sad that they merged with colour os. Because I don't like colour os as well as oppo Mobile. Every time when I think to purchase a mobile phone, first name in my mind is One Plus, but this time my mind not support one plus due to merger. One plus negotiate. At present my primary mobile is Pixel. RIP Oxygen Os & I would not buy any One Plus phone in coming days. Hopefully your market will be down,,, let's see....

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  14. akkipatel95
    Froyo Oct 19, 2021

    akkipatel95 , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 19, 2021 :
    If we wanted color os then we would have gone for the oppo phones.

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  15. samirnaik11
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2021

  16. CalystaLadd , via OnePlus 9 Pro T-Mobile , Oct 20, 2021 :
    So, T-Mobile has the 128GB Google Pixel 6 Pro at only $899, which led toe immediately making the jump to it, swapping out the OnePlus 9 Pro I am writing this on.

    The only downgrade I see is that T-Mo only offers the 128GB internal storage model, but honestly, that's more than enough for my usage patterns.

    My biggest hope with the Pixel 6 Pro is better battery life, as they is, BY FAR, my biggest complaint about the 9 Pro, but I am pretty much impressed with all I've learnt about the Pixel 6s and think the Pro model will be 2021's best phone of the year.

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  17. Artemus
    Junior Moderator, Community Hero 2020 Junior Moderator Oct 20, 2021

    Artemus , Oct 20, 2021 :
    Do keep us updated on how you like it compared to the 9 Pro. :) Material You should be coming to other devices in 12.1 so that should be exciting too.

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  18. G_Todd_McLaughlin_OSQV
    Gingerbread Oct 20, 2021

    G_Todd_McLaughlin_OSQV , Oct 20, 2021 :
    I've been a OnePlus user for many years now, beginning with the OnePlus 5. I've never been a huge fan of some of other other popular Android offerings out there and even though this is a major change, if the combined team can bring the best of both Operating Systems to subsequent offerings, then I think the future could be bright for OnePlus. We shouldn't reject change, but embrace it and work to improve any deficiencies. I'll wait and see. I like my OnePlus. I like that it's unique and not one of the "garden variety" devices out there. I don't see that aspect of our owner experience changing here in the United States anytime soon.

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  19. Cyril Cherian
    Cupcake Oct 20, 2021

    Cyril Cherian , via OnePlus 6T , Oct 20, 2021 :
    An ardent enthusiast since CyanogenMod days, this really makes me sad.
    ColorOS will mean the end of the sleek, nearest to stock experience that OxygenOS had blessed us with over the years. If this comes to fruition, it would be an adios from me.

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  20. suryaaks , via OnePlus 8T Lunar Silver , Oct 20, 2021 :
    This is disappointing... I bought oneplus because of oxygen os and its standard quality. But merging colour os is not a good idea. I just feel like using oppo phone on oneplus. If this is the case i would have bought oppo and saved some money. Now it is like both oneplus and oppo are same device just change of Symbol. Same in every except the logo.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2021

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