Oneplus 2 battery so far-My review

  1. jrosser
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2015

    jrosser , Aug 21, 2015 :
    I have been happy with the battery so far. I have only charged it to 100% once since I have received it. I am more of a stand by guy instead of a SOT guy. To me if a phone can last when it is waiting to be used with all services running then it is a stable phone /OS.

    My phone is connected to gmail as well as my work exchange server so it is constantly checking for new emails. WiFi is on , blue tooth is off as I have not connected to my car yet but once connected I will never turn it off.

    See screen shot.

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  2. IBuzZBasHI
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 21, 2015

    IBuzZBasHI , Aug 21, 2015 :
    wow thats cool ;) do you already have the new OTA update?

  3. Simon1816
    Gingerbread Aug 21, 2015

  4. VoRtAn_MaDgE
    Eclair Aug 21, 2015

  5. Franjo
    Jelly Bean Aug 21, 2015

  6. Superleo1970
    Cupcake Aug 21, 2015