OnePlus 2 Sales Start in Malaysia - 22 Sept 2015

  1. scoutfai
    Eclair Sep 27, 2015

    scoutfai , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Contract-less MaxisOne, you already lost me there. Are you talking about Zerolution?
    Not limited to Zerolution, but including Zerolution. Because as far as I understand now (or rather as far as I believe now), the contract-less MaxisOne subscriber is also eligible for Zerolution as long as the subscriber has good track record. The Zerolution page does not state it has to be a contracted MaxisOne, it just states it has to be a MaxisOne, that is all.

    MaxisOne plan itself it's a contract wise plan just so you know.
    Some time ago I too think like this. Then the user here kampuamee who claims he is an existing non-contracted MaxisOne subscriber since long time ago. His post is at here https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/...sia-22-sept-2015.368588/page-14#post-13430066

    So we already have a living proof here that a non-contracted MaxisOne plan does exists.
    So logically, the next question now is, in the Maxis Online Store, the MaxisOne plan comes together with the OPT, is a contracted or non-contracted MaxisOne?
    Considering all the info available in this thread so far, I will incline to think that it is a non-contracted MaxisOne plan type.

    But confusing part again is, when you pick RRP option on website and pick RM128 plan, the device price is still same than RM999.
    I tried and it is shown device price = RM1687 (before GST) even RM128/month plan is chosen.


    Meanwhile, we also have another user here chriswong79 (at his post https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oneplus-2-sales-start-in-malaysia-22-sept-2015.368588/page-18#post-13440517 ) who appears to be the 1st successful official OPT owner here, walk away with the phone with a contracted MaxisOne 128 plan.
    But in his post there is no mention of the following point:
    Does the manager ever advise him that he has option to sign up a non-contracted MaxisOne and purchase the device with RRP (RM1687) instead of discounted price (RM999) but will be bonded by a 24months contract.
    Of course there is a slight chances that such option does not exist hence the manager never advise him. I am not working for Maxis so there is no way I can assert with certainty. Nevertheless, just as mention before, consider all the info available in this thread now, I am incline to believe such option does exists.
    Another possibility I can think of is walk in customer will not be entertained to subscribe to non-contracted MaxisOne plan, only can do it through Maxis Online Store.
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  2. scoutfai
    Eclair Sep 27, 2015

    scoutfai , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Oh this is the 1st time I have heard of this issue. Thanks for pointing another drawback.
    He means this post: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oneplus-2-regional-versions-explained.338780/
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  3. aufelix
    Cupcake Sep 27, 2015

    aufelix , Sep 27, 2015 :
    If I'm with another Telco but have an Invite, can I just buy the phone outright at retail price without having to sign up with a Maxis plan? I don't want to be forced to take up a Maxis plan. Thanks.

  4. spayre
    Donut Sep 27, 2015

    spayre , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Hi @Adrian Lee,

    Having some difficulties in obtaining the Oneplus Two from Maxis and would like to seek your advise

    In short

    1. I spoke to two customer service (forgot to ask the name of the first customer service, but Thinesh was the second one)
    2. Both customer service assured me that I can walk in to Maxis TTDI to obtain the Oneplus Two on 28 Sept and get the phone without any contract. Means that I am willing to pay full retail price
    3. Thinesh dropped an email to the Maxis TTDI Supervisor, with my personal particulars, to inform the supervisor that I will be there on Monday morning
    4. Apparently now, the Maxis Supervisor has emailed Thinesh back, stating that the phone is only able to be purchased on full retail price on 23 Oct

    So, I am still awating news from Thinesh on what is the next step. BTW, I do have the invite from Maxis which will be expiring on 28 Sept... sigh.....

  5. tannylsy
    Froyo Sep 27, 2015

    tannylsy , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Can be purchase in "full retail price" is that means we don't need invite to purchase?

  6. chloelimbp
    Eclair Sep 27, 2015

    chloelimbp , Sep 27, 2015 :
    @spayre I got the same info from maxis in queensbay Penang yesterday. The girl at front desk( I forgot to get her name) told me that I can get the phone for non contract on 23 October and even if the invitation expired I am still eligible. @Adrian Lee can you kindly check on this? It will be a great news for us, prepaid users.

  7. tannylsy
    Froyo Sep 27, 2015

    tannylsy , Sep 27, 2015 :

    Yea. and is it sure for all Maxis Centre in whole Malaysia?

  8. scoutfai
    Eclair Sep 27, 2015

    scoutfai , Sep 27, 2015 :
    If that is true, then it looks like it is a trap to set up those early invite receivers to scratch their head so much in thinking how to obtain the phone contract-free, and a trap to force people to lower down their reluctance and willing to compromise into accepting a contract/plan to own their preferred phone.
    This is definitely looking bad for the reputation of Maxis if it was true.
    Can only imagine this is a miscommunication and misunderstanding between the customer service staff and customer.
    Nevertheless if it is really true then of course it is a good news to OnePlus fans.

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  9. tannylsy
    Froyo Sep 27, 2015

    tannylsy , Sep 27, 2015 :
    For me, this doesn't matter much as long as we don't get tie on string of Maxis and get the phone we wanted to own. It is really worth the hard work. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

  10. chloelimbp
    Eclair Sep 27, 2015

    chloelimbp , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Anyway, I am not sure is that true or not as this is the only info that I got from this Maxis branch. So I really hope that @Adrian Lee able to revert back on the status. This will be great for us to avoid all the hassle.

  11. ammarfz
    Eclair Sep 27, 2015

    ammarfz , Sep 27, 2015 :
    So does this means still no non-contract OPT?

  12. Pistacio
    Honeycomb Sep 27, 2015

    Pistacio , Sep 27, 2015 :
    to tie with one telco is already a bad move, especially Maxis.

    now with all the hassles, I hope oneplus could learn from this and improve on this or engage with different parties next time so that interested buyers can get a good deal out of it and support oneplus more in future... (praying hard)

  13. tannylsy
    Froyo Sep 27, 2015

    tannylsy , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Seriously agree with this. monopoly business always create issues.

  14. tenchi0205
    Froyo Sep 27, 2015

    tenchi0205 , Sep 27, 2015 :
    At 1st the staff dun know what is invite code...she said I can buy the 1+2 without the invite code sure I go ahead...

    During the processing thru the system she stuck then only ask me for oneplus account n invite code, then I show her all those info...then after a while in n out from manager office, she come back to me said they cant sell me the 1+2, ask me come back on the 28th....then they take back the 1+2 device from me...:(

    Same as the maxis center at imago mall kota kinabalu sabah, no any info on the oneplus 2 and not all retail staff know about that too...


    Yes the staff yesterday initially wanna sign me up a contract MaxisOne plan for the 1+2, hell not, I am 12 years Maxis user and Maxis One Club member, after I told her than only she chg the contract MaxisOne plan to Zerolution plan with MaxisOne plan ( Dint have time to ask whether it contract or non-contract, becos she said I cant buy it yesterday, ask me to come back again on 28th, then I have to hand over back to her the 1+2 box from my hand)

    That is bullshit, they took back the 1+2 from my hand yesterday after I been holding it for 10 minutes+ smiling...then went back with sad face

    Yesterday the staff also said like that when I told her my invite going to expired.
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  15. cybreed
    Honeycomb Sep 27, 2015

    cybreed , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Nope no posm. Just realised it's quite hard to find maxis stores in Kuching...

  16. Xennnn
    Donut Sep 27, 2015

  17. poweruser0001
    Gingerbread Sep 27, 2015

    poweruser0001 , Sep 27, 2015 :
    @Adrian Lee

    Each one of us is keen to buy the OPT. We are ready with the valid invites. We are ready with the cash. We are ready to travel the the designated place.

    But from this thread, almost each and every ready buyer has a frustrating, stressful and sometimes horrifying experience. The worst case is when the OPT is physically taken back from the buyer not because the buyer has no invite nor money to pay but because of some silly ding-dong condition between One Plus and the intermediary.

    My sympathy to all die-hard OPT fans (including myself).

  18. yukilynn
    Gingerbread Sep 27, 2015

    yukilynn , Sep 27, 2015 :
    our poor hearts.

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  19. tktan54
    Cupcake Sep 27, 2015

    tktan54 , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Yep, That's what Maxis Help Desk told me too when I told them my invite is going to expire.

  20. tannylsy
    Froyo Sep 27, 2015

    tannylsy , Sep 27, 2015 :
    I was trying so hard but even with the help from maxis help desk in twitter, still unable to login to the page to buy the phone. I think I would just give up and try to walk in tomorrow. If still unable to grab it, let's see how it goes in 23 Oct. :(:(:(:(