Oneplus 2 - We would like a Finger Print Scanner


Need Finger Print Scanner in Oneplus 2

  1. YES

  2. No

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  1. mydragoon
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 24, 2015

    mydragoon , Jun 24, 2015 :
    OK, why YES?

    this is actually like the USB Type-C. it's the latest thing... all phones will have it. but seriously, need it for what?

    and in the fingerprint scanner... again... use it for what? unlock the phone? heck... most ppl don't even bother putting a lock on the phone and just have the swipe to unlock. for those that do... i'm sure they are happy with the pattern lock or whatever they use and don't need fingerprint scanner. adds to the cost with no added value. it's not doing anything new.

    it's nice to have... but over-rated.

    also... right now, yes, it's too late to make any changes. i'm sure they had the design locked down a few months back. need to understand that sourcing for components take time. there's also chip design... and then OS to customise as well... so... even if you want, you can't have it.

  2. Tobikage
    Nougat Jun 24, 2015

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  3. Jawad973
    Jelly Bean Jun 24, 2015

  4. SexyHyde
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 24, 2015

    SexyHyde , Jun 24, 2015 :
    Fingerprint scanner has been superceded by trusted devices. If it's a feature you want buy a phone with it. I'd rather not have a larger bezel because a physical scanner has to be incorporated into the device.

  5. Lunatasian
    KitKat Jun 24, 2015

    Lunatasian , Jun 24, 2015 :
    We're just having a debate (and some fun while we're at it). If anything, you're the one who seems to be getting hurt emotionally. I'm not against you personally, just your arguments.

  6. Deactivated User
    Jun 24, 2015

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  7. ravismiles4u
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 24, 2015

    ravismiles4u , Jun 24, 2015 :
    Bro! I do like arguments/discussions! even I started this thread for the same!
    But I don't like the language used here by hkagashe!


    there are people who like this concept or who don't like it! But whether to add this feature or not is not in our hands! I do accept I made a wrong statement but that doesn't mean that I'm a dumb??

  8. Tobikage
    Nougat Jun 24, 2015

    Tobikage , Jun 24, 2015 :
    Ah...yes atleast accused me openly now...[​IMG]

    what about your "some people" comment ??

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  9. ravismiles4u
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 24, 2015

    ravismiles4u , Jun 24, 2015 :
    Bro! I'm not enemy or friend nor has any relation with you! but as a stranger I don't want to hurt someones feelings! So, I was not straight to you!

    But I say sorry if I hurt any ones feelings!

    My intention in this thread is to know how many YES or NOs! and would also like to know whether ONEPLUS team listen to us!

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  10. SoniaB
    Nougat Head Moderator Jun 24, 2015

    SoniaB , Jun 24, 2015 :
    Well first of all @hkagashe did not call you dumb. He said you were being cryptic.
    Secondly - using the phrasing "we demand" suggests that you are speaking for the whole OnePlus forum, which you are not.

    As many users have already said, OP2 specs will already have been finalised and production has in all likelihood started. So you are a bit late to the party to start 'demanding' certain specs.

    Furthermore, where have you been the last 6 months when threads regarding what specs users would like the OP2 to have first started?

    Full specs have not been confirmed yet ... for all we know, OP2 may have FP scanner and if it does then your thread is rather pointless.

  11. Lunatasian
    KitKat Jun 24, 2015

    Lunatasian , Jun 24, 2015 :
    I apologize if I have hurt your feelings as well, but what indication would you have the OnePlus listened to this thread? If the OP2 has a FP scanner upon release, then that would mean that it was already planned out earlier. If it doesn't, then that would also mean that was part of the plan. We have no way of knowing if we have changed OnePlus' mind or not. It's not that they're not listening, it's just that they can't do anything more at this point.

  12. Tobikage
    Nougat Jun 24, 2015

    Tobikage , Jun 24, 2015 :
    I'll just ignore the other part here...[​IMG]

  13. Hanson Lee
    Marshmallow Jun 24, 2015

  14. ravismiles4u
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 29, 2015

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  15. rattles
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 29, 2015

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  16. EpicSwirly
    Lollipop Jun 29, 2015

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  17. TlathamXmahtalT
    KitKat Jun 29, 2015

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  18. Waterdroid
    Community Veteran Jun 29, 2015

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