OnePlus 3 dropped in water, Alert Slider not working.

  1. soham1678
    Eclair Jan 7, 2017

    soham1678 , Jan 7, 2017 :
    Hi, guys. So I dropped my phone in a bucket of water today. Picked it up back up immediately. Over the last 4 hours, I've been trying to dry it as best as I can. Everything seems to be working fine except the alert slider. I've tried rebooting again and again but it's stuck on "Do not disturb", which is why I can't put my phone on vibrate or silent and that is a huge inconvenience for me. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

    Thanks a lot, guys.

  2. lenbru
    Cupcake Jan 8, 2017

    lenbru , Jan 8, 2017 :
    Hi there, the exact same thing happened to me a few months ago with my OP2.. Luckily for me it's stuck on 'loud'.. Have you found a solution yet?

  3. lenbru
    Cupcake Jan 8, 2017

    lenbru , Jan 8, 2017 :
    Hi, me again.. Searched a bit for a solution! My alert slider doesn't work after this but it manages to reajust the 'mode' that you're in (in your case 'do not disturb).. It worked for me!
    Follow the instructions in the link, but i used another app.. Just type' notification slider' in playstore and download the first app (it has 4.8/5 stars!

    Let me know if it worked

  4. soham1678
    Eclair Jan 8, 2017

    soham1678 , Jan 8, 2017 :
    Hey thanks a lot for your help. Everything is working fine now. The alert slider just started working suddenly. I think the water dried up. Lucky me. Going to be careful from now on.

  5. DnRaujo
    Cupcake Jan 9, 2017

    DnRaujo , Jan 9, 2017 :
    Well, Oneplus 3 is not water resistant. When it is dropped in a bucket of water, it is expected to have some problem. Good to know it is working again. Just so other people know in case of happening again with someone else, in this kind of situation it is really common to have problems with parts that are "holes" like earphone jack, the sound, etc. This alert slider, even though it is well built, I've noticed that water can easily get through. Probably that is the reason it stopped working. The best thing to do is to take the phone out of the water and do the old bag of rice method (believe me, this method saved me two phones. It is not a myth).

  6. lestaven
    Cupcake Sep 9, 2018

    lestaven , Sep 9, 2018 :
    Do you think spirits (vodka) I was cleaning the slider with a small amount of vodka and now it isn't working

  7. Horsault
    Moderator Moderator Sep 10, 2018

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  8. Shahriarsakib
    Cupcake May 6, 2021

    Shahriarsakib , May 6, 2021 :
    I use 8 pro,recently I felt my alert slider is a little loose and it also goes inside the phone a little bit,does this hamper my ip rating in any way,I mean the sliders goes inside the phone a bit,does the slider has any perticular protection against water? Please someone help,I'm worried about this...

  9. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow May 6, 2021

    Bobbie63 , May 6, 2021 :
    Tbh, I wouldn’t rely on an IP rating of any phone as it’s never covered under warranty. The issue with the loose alert slider shouldn’t affect the op rating normally as it’s a moving part and any seals should be placed behind the moving parts I think. However, I wouldn’t dunk the phone into a bucket.

  10. Shahriarsakib
    Cupcake May 6, 2021

    Shahriarsakib , via OnePlus 8 Pro , May 6, 2021 :
    I just wanted to be sure a bit about if theres any seal or protection for alert sliders, found anything nowhere

  11. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow May 6, 2021

    Bobbie63 , May 6, 2021 :
    Personally I haven’t taken a phone apart to where the seals are placed but like I said, the slider is a moving part, which makes me believe the seal wouldn’t be on the slider itself but behind the moving part. I can’t acknowledge that for 100% though.