Oneplus 3 on Three UK Home Signal

  1. venomizer Gingerbread Jul 5, 2016

    venomizer, Jul 5, 2016 :
    I use one of Three's Home Signal femtocells at home for signal on my phone. This worked pretty much flawlessly with me old OPO, but since moving to the OP3, I've found that I only get half bars signal for some of the time and no signal at all for the rest. This never happened with the OPO.

    Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

  2. G_Graham_Livey_bbXf Cupcake Jul 13, 2016

    G_Graham_Livey_bbXf, Jul 13, 2016 :
    I recently got a home signal box from Three, as I get no mobile signal inside my house. The box works fine with my iPhone. I have not yet been able to get it to work with my new OP3. Several lengthy calls to and chats with Three and OP technical support have failed to solve the problem.

  3. Hussar10a Eclair Jul 13, 2016

    Hussar10a, Jul 13, 2016 :
    I have an EE smart box (aren't they the best invention ever?!), my op3 found it immediately and works fine when on it. So possibly something to do with 3's implementation of their femtocell system which doesn't match connection types within the phone? I hope this helps you to narrow the problem down.

  4. pjbailey78 Froyo Jul 13, 2016

    pjbailey78, Jul 13, 2016 :
    I have the same setup and can honestly say I have no issues with the home signal box from three. Full signal here and better use of it compared to my previous phone (x style). What I will say, and I'm guessing this is a network thing. Sometimes when I'm out and I lose signal, like in my local town and I'm in a shop either it takes an age to reacquire a signal, or indeed I have to do a manual network search.

  5. venomizer Gingerbread Jul 14, 2016

    venomizer, Jul 14, 2016 :
    Hmm not sure what's going on. I think the phone is connecting to the Home Signal, but it only does so about half the time and only with half signal (always used to get full signal before). Do you have G-Mon? Are you able to tell me what you get when you are connected to the Home Signal box (LAC/CID/RXL etc.)?

    Also, do you ever get shown H+ on the status bar any more? On my OPO I only ever got either H+ or LTE.

  6. pjbailey78 Froyo Jul 15, 2016

    pjbailey78, Jul 15, 2016 :
    LAC: 7032
    CID: 14444
    RXL: -79dBm
    PSC: 383

    As for H+ I generally get this around my area. There isn't a great or much 4g signal here in the sticks. But when I'm in appropriate cities I get LTE as usual. I've had some funny issues at the start with the 3 network on the OP3, but I read a couple of other threads, checked the generic setup and tweaked to match. All working cool, and no issues with the home signal box from my end. Same strength I was getting on my Moto X style that I had just before this, on the same sim.

  7. cigriggs Cupcake Jul 16, 2016

    cigriggs, Jul 16, 2016 :
    I found with my OP3 that it would connect to the Home Signal just fine (better signal strength than my OPO, in fact) but would only work for voice and SMS. Data wouldn't work and gave the exclamation mark in the icon. There were no problems with the OP3 and data on the macro network and other devices work with the Home Signal.

    Not a big problem as I'll always have WiFi near the Home Signal, but has anyone else experienced this?

  8. venomizer Gingerbread Jul 20, 2016

    venomizer, Jul 20, 2016 :
    Thanks for the reply. The problem was what I had feared in that because I had to get a SIM replacement when moving to the OP3, even though my number stays the same, they actually assign a SIM to the home signal box. Quick call to CS and they sorted it for me there and then. All working now!

    I still don't get H+ shown. But apparently that is the behaviour of OOS - looking in the detailed signal settings does still show HSPA+ at times

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  9. pjbailey78 Froyo Jul 20, 2016

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  11. remedy KitKat Aug 18, 2016

    remedy, Aug 18, 2016 :
    Are you trolling?

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