Battery/Charging OnePlus 3 wont charge

  1. TemplarSniper
    Eclair Sep 8, 2019

    TemplarSniper , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Had problem wouldnt charge no lights so I ordered a new battery and it had a 50% charge left on it after install the phone was working just fine till i ran out of juice and went to go charge up, I would get no lights, sometimes it would come on before and go through all the missed messages with old battery but soon go off. With new battery no lights now but had a charging screen and a red light for charging but after 2 hrs it went out and the screen changed to a blue voltage sign while charging so I went to work for 5 hrs and came home to see if it charged and it is completly dead no lights and when I hold power it says low battery charge, etc.

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  2. sdhyani375
    Cupcake Sep 8, 2019

    sdhyani375 , Sep 8, 2019 :
    Kind of same issue with my OnePlus 3 as well. I have tried with other type C chargers also, the charging of phone is not stable. It keeps on fluctuating. May be there is some issue with phone's charging slot.