Oneplus 3T 4.0.3 update volte option not available

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    azharbilalhaj , Feb 16, 2017 :

    good news for all those who still face volte disabled option.

    I gotta fix for you all..

    simple as below

    Go to recovery mode and clean with reset system settings then reboot.

    I got my volte restored try your luck. like and comment if I helped you.

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    ganeshcd , Feb 19, 2017 :
    Ever since my new OP3t got updated to Nougat version of Android , it lost the VOLTE option. I did everything like system reset, wipe cache and data, contacted support, updated 4.0.3 version earlier this week. Still problem is not solved. by the I can use 4G data from Relaince Jio sim. I can't use VOLTE or even Relaince 4G voice app does not work. ( it says please insert a Jio SIM )
    Really feeling disappointed with OP3t. I thought 3400 mAh battery will be better but it is another big let down. I feel my 14 month old OP2 battery is draining fast but my new OP3t is no better. I am a OP fan for 2 plus years with my latest op3t being my 3rd device (OPO, OPT being the previos two). I always had a great experience with OP but for this time seriously feeling let down by Oneplus. Another heartburn is from INR19,999 (OPO) to INR 24,999 (OPT) and now INR 29,999 (OP3t) OnePlus is also going the wrong way... they still provide best specs agree but stared milking us..
    I am waiting for my remote flashing session from OP support team as my last option.. if does not work then it will be good bye OP. Had enough of it...
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    ganeshcd , Feb 20, 2017 :
    the very same SIM works absolutely fine with my iPhone 6 and Note 3 . one way too expensive and other value for money.. I don't suspect the SIM ..but the Nougat update..

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    dhairyac2 , Feb 26, 2017 :
    I faced the same problem after 4.0.3 update. Tried settings reset, factory reset and also rolled back to 4.0.2 but still Volte option was not showing. At last replaced the sim for a new one and now volte is showing. I think the update affectes some volte enabled sim cards which are inside the phone during the update process as other jio sim were showing volte in my phone on 4.0.3. In my opinion only way to get back volte is get a new sim.

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    unibangalore , Mar 6, 2017 :
    Hi All,

    I had the same VoLTE missing issue. You can edit/modify /system/build.prop as below and restart phone.

    #ifdef VENDOR_EDIT

    You can use any root text editor or build.prop editors available in play store. For me these values were 0 which I had to change it to 1. If you are not rooted use adb method to update.

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  16. mithungn
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    mithungn , Apr 20, 2017 :
    I had the same issue with JIO sim & have tried most of the things mentioned in the thread & it could only get me a factory reset mobile at best. Finally it got resolved by changing SIM which is quite unbelievable.
    I had 2 sims both from JIO & inserting one of the sim gave VOLTE option but the other did not !! Not sure how a SIM matters in this case, though unbelievable, that is the final solution which worked for me !!

  17. ronaksworld
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    ronaksworld , Apr 20, 2017 :
    Try Flashing the global release of 4.1.3 and see if it fixes the issue,

    Official Global Release By OnePlus 3T v4.1.3 Click Here

  18. ronaksworld
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    ronaksworld , Apr 20, 2017 :
    Am on currently on 4.0.3 and i still haven't lost my VoLTE option,

    I'm Rooted with TWRP and always used Full Zip Flashing Option, i never trust any OTA by any brand of products, as they are test/experimental purpose.

    Currently writing this message i am flashing the full rom of 4.1.3 and will let you know if i loose my VoLTE option.

  19. ronaksworld
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    ronaksworld , Apr 20, 2017 :
    I still have my VoLTE option even on 4.1.3 didn't had to do anything, simply flashed the full rom using recovery.

  20. unibangalore
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    unibangalore , Apr 20, 2017 :
    Happy that its still working for you. I contacted OnePlus support and they scheduled remote session with technical engineer and below is the response ...

    Thank you for connecting on our remote session. I do understand your concern with regards to the VoLTE feature missing in Nougat update. I regret to inform you that this cannot be fix via remote session cause the feature was missing already on Nougat. you're not the only one has this issue. This concern is already been forwarded to our developers team to be check and verify so that it can be fix on the future updates. The time frame for the fix is not guarantee to when it can be implement or be fix but rest assured that this issue is already been escalated and inform to our developers team. I'm very sorry for all the inconvenience that you have experienced.