OnePlus 4th Anniversary - 4 Years of Sandstone

  1. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Marshmallow Moderator Dec 21, 2017

    Maximus Decimus Meridius , Dec 21, 2017 :
    And owned... By me (i still got that cover somewhere... Who owns an iphone anyway nowadays?

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  2. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Dec 21, 2017

    NeVeR_SeTTLe , Dec 21, 2017 :
    "Sandstone" One word that describes OnePlus. Had a OnePlus One, and it was the most awesome phone I ever had in history. Touching the Sandstone cover was a never forget experience. It felt rough but at the same time fantastic!
    As I wrote in couple of threads here, that the OnePlus One is iconic. I regret selling it :(
    It would be great if you could bring it back to future products.

  3. Dk20005
    Gingerbread Dec 21, 2017

    Dk20005 , Dec 21, 2017 :
    Love sandstone have a sandstone case on my 5t right now. My son is still using my old OPO.

  4. pablofg1978
    Nougat Head Moderator Dec 21, 2017

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  5. Y1511446669413
    Honeycomb Dec 21, 2017

    Y1511446669413 , Dec 21, 2017 :
    I am actually using 5T with sandstone case, but I would have preferred the phone itself was sandstone or at least a variation of it Should have been launched after all it's your identity.

    5t without cover without cover impossible to hold kind of forces user's who don't want to use cover to use one .

  6. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Dec 21, 2017

    gaster , Dec 21, 2017 :
    That's a great post Chris. Back in the very start, when I was still reading leaks about the OnePlus One etc, one of the most exciting things I wanted so badly to exprience, was the Sandstone feel. And yes. When I got my OPO with my 1st invite, it was so amazing in my hand. It was something really new for me in my smartphone's history. I appreciated much the fact that it wasn't slipping and it was solid and strong in the hand. One of the sweet memories I had with it that I also had fun, it was when I was feeling in my hand scrape/scratching in random times, I was using the back of the OPO to make it go away :D Because Sandstone could be also a helper for this :p I also experienced the Sandstone in my OnePlus 2 but it wasn't the same like with the One about the excitement, because I believe nothing can't be the same as the first time you tried it ^^ I remember everything and all the nice Sandstone stuff you did before like the shoes hehe. But after all that the current metal material I experienced with my OnePlus 3,3T,5 and 5T, it's something that I like more because it feels more premium, thin and elegant in my hand. All the best with the new year guys. I hope we will see more excitement stuff from OnePlus in the future. Cheers :)

    P.S I had 3 OPO'S

    1. Sandstone
    2. Silk White
    3. Bamboo

    So I felt the true love :D

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  7. GuitarBart
    Jelly Bean Dec 21, 2017

    GuitarBart , Dec 21, 2017 :
    I wish there was a sandstone bumper case in stead of the normal protective case. Loved the material on the One

  8. impinas
    Honeycomb Dec 21, 2017

    impinas , Dec 21, 2017 :
    3 and a half years with my 1+1! None of your next phones has such a great value for money

  9. sharadb
    Cupcake Dec 22, 2017

    sharadb , Dec 22, 2017 :
    Where can I buy the sandstone case for my opo3t. The good ones are not available on their site as well. Looking to buy for sometime now. Please help.

  10. sharadb
    Cupcake Dec 22, 2017

    sharadb , Dec 22, 2017 :
    Where can I buy now from

  11. chrism380
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 22, 2017

  12. backen
    Gingerbread Dec 22, 2017

    backen , Dec 22, 2017 :

    I'm not sure, but I bought my OP3 Sandstone cover from Ebay. I would have bought it from OnePlus directly if it would still have been available, but as they had already quit selling it I had to get it elsewhere. I was lucky to find someone that sold an original, unused Sandstone cover and I hope that you'll be able to find one too.

  13. Vadomata
    Jelly Bean Dec 22, 2017

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  14. ElfStone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 22, 2017

    ElfStone , Dec 22, 2017 :
    I absolutely love sandstone!
    Loved it on my OP2 and I just had to get it for my OP5T!
    the case is stunning! not as nice as the OP2 felt, but still pretty close


  15. Plenkske
    Lollipop Assistant Head Moderator Dec 22, 2017

    Plenkske , Dec 22, 2017 :
    Sandstone is still the best material for a phone's back IMO.
    Please bring it back !!!

    The cases for OP3/T and OP5/T are also great, because they are so thin.
    Currently using the Karbon Bumper case though. It also feels great with just enough grip, and still thin enough. Actually, they are equally thin with the normal cases, but cover the whole device.

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  16. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Dec 22, 2017

    Baymax , Dec 22, 2017 :
    Bring back sandstone please. Not as a case, but as a finish. It made me feel like I had a unique device, and not just one following the trend back when I used the OPO and the OP2 (may it rest in peace).

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  17. aris
    Jelly Bean Dec 23, 2017

  18. viking_vp3
    Gingerbread Dec 24, 2017

    viking_vp3 , Dec 24, 2017 :
    for my OnePlus 5 i bought a SandStone case
    amazing texture with good grip
    it is unique material in phone industry

  19. woSch
    Photography Expert Dec 26, 2017

    woSch , Dec 26, 2017 :
    :tearsofjoy: Sandstoned Soap was the best :tearsofjoy:
    Sandstone is a 'musthave' for every everyone+
    I've got a sandstone-cover for my OP5T and it's a great uniqe texture

  20. A1514257269789
    Eclair Dec 26, 2017